Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Tammie sent Tyler a picture of Ellie Sue (her nephew Lance's new baby girl). Tyler also wrote his dad for Father's day and that note has been included.

Ellie Sue is so precious !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't have much time to talk, I am being transferred to Rye Colorado !!!!!!!! It is where Elder Darley just came from ! He was there for 10 months !!!!!!!! But I am very excited !!!!!!!!! Its a small place of like ... 600 people, but I hear it is in the mountains and very beautiful !!!!! It is tough leaving Colby, I love these people. But I know that Rye is where the Lord wants me. Girls camp sounded amazing !!!!! So glad it was a success !

Love you all !!!!!!
Love, Elder Hathcock

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY POP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you so much Pops, and am always mindful as a missionary of the great example you have been to me and what an honorable priesthood holder you have always been. Sunday I was touched by the spirit thinking of how humble of a man you are. I all the sudden realized how humble you are and how much that means to me and how it has been an example to me. I love you Pop !

Your son and soldier of God,
Elder Hathcock

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