Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Hello everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't have a lot of time to write today and we will be in Kansas tomorrow. But I just wanted to bare testimony of the power of fasting and prayer. Recently we saw an amazing miracle with one of our investigators this last week as we fasted and prayed together with her. Her and her boyfriend will be getting married this coming Saturday and we will be apart of it !!! Then she will be getting baptized the next day on Sunday !!!!! The Gospel is true and it changes peoples lives for the better,not only here on earth,but for eternity. Our companionship has been seeing so many miracles as of late. I have gained a testimony that the Lord magnifies the time that we have in our calling. So something really cool that we did this past Friday was we performed one of the "Hakka" war dances at a luau the church had. A member taught it to us (brother Watts-Johnson). It was awesome !!!!! It gets you pumped !!!!!! I love you all and hope all is well !!!!!
Elder Hathcock
aKa "Soldier of God"

Oh ya Maa, again I hope all goes well tomorrow with your surgery. You will be in my prayers as always. :] I love you Maa !!!!
Also, when you get a chance if you could e-mail me some funny pictures of myself when I was a little fat kid. Elder Bischoff and Clark are dying to see some. Maybe even a video if possible. hahaha !!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Some pictures of Tyler being.... well, Tyler!


Hey everyone !!! 
Things are going good out here. We have been seeing a lot of miracles lately and I am very grateful for the blessing to be apart of them. We started "Interviews" this past week and they will continue throughout the rest of this month. After church today we will be heading out to the San Luis Valley to do "Interviews" for that zone tomorrow. Then from there we will drive to Pueblo to do them their on Tuesday. The ones we have done so far have gone really good. The training I am apart of is focused on "Accountability" and "Revelation through Prayer." It has helped me to gain a greater understanding of the importance to give an accounting to my Father in Heaven every night, of the efforts I have made to do His will. As I have done that, He lets me know what it is that I can do better at. I have felt his love more abundantly as I have done so. I have received answers to my prayers. Prayer is a beautiful opportunity that we have to be able to communicate with God. I testify that God hears every prayer that is offered. He loves each of his children and is willing to bless them as they keep His commandments. 

We had missionaries depart a few days before transfers and it was a tough one. Some really great soldiers of God that left our mission. It was really tough saying good-bye to Elder Rios. We had built a tight relationship and it was hard to see him go. But I am pumped to see the great blessings and opportunities that await him back home. We had the great opportunity to attend a baptism yesterday. It was one of Elder Clark's investigators from his last area and Elder Clark was asked to perform the ordinance. The spirit is always so strong at baptisms, I LOVE IT !!!!!! I love the sabbath day !!! I am looking forward to taking the sacrament and helping our investigators progress in this gospel. 

I love you all and I am always strengthened by your prayers. Thank you so much !!!! 

 p.s. Sorry I didn't send you a birthday card Maa, I love you and hope it was a great one !!! 
 p.p.s I hope Stacy's move went smoothly, I can't wait to hear about it. Tell her I love her. 

 Elder Hathcock

Friday, July 6, 2012


Congrats to Josh and Erin !!! Things are going great ! On Sunday we had 3 investigators at church !!!!!! One of them is named Crystal and she has been so prepared for the Gospel, it is beautiful !!! She brought her two little boys and they are awesome !!! One is 3 and the other is 5. The 5 yr old (Enrique) is the cutest, chubbiest guy. We are best buds. Things are going great, I feel bad that I couldn't send that video for the YM in the Murrieta Stake. It was too big of a file to e-mail and I think it was too late by the time I was able to do it. Elder Clark is now with us, he will be the new assistant replacing Elder Bischoff. He is from Ventura and came out with me. I am pumped to serve with him ! I have been very busy as usual and this month is really crazy !!!!!! A lot of traveling because we have "Interviews" for all the missionaries in their different zones. We finally got our a/c working again in our apartment today. We haven't had it for like 3 weeks and it has been pretty bad. It really humbled me and I am very grateful for a/c. Also yesterday I saw Nancy and she is doing great !!!! She had a great time in Washington DC with her daughter. She came to our "Recent Convert" fireside last night. It was really good to see her as always. We had to have 3 companionship's evacuate from where they lived due to the fire. Two of them have recently been able to go back. It has been pretty crazy but good to see how many people reached out and helped those in need. I am loving life and I LOVE you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elder Hathcock 
aKa "Soldier of God"