Monday, December 10, 2012

12/10/2012... LAST LETTER!!

Hello everyone !!!!!! We had a big day on Friday !!! In the morning we had our "Zone Training" meeting. Then the Relief Society sisters in our ward made us a really nice lunch. During lunch, Elder Brandon and I had a little activity planned... "Mr. Krueger's Christmas Trivia!!!!" HAHAAHHAAHA !!!!! We came up with 10 questions to test everyone's knowledge !!! The winner received a copy of "Mr. Krueger's Christmas" signed by Jimmy Stewart !!!!! (I signed it) HAHAHA !!

After that we had our "Christmas Conference." During this whole day President and Sister Anderson, the assistants (Elders Durrant and Maumau), and our entire zone were in attendance. The Christmas Conference was really good and I was asked to be the chorister for the entire meeting !!! I did my best. HA !

Then after that we headed to the Stake President's home (President and Sister Seger) for a Christmas celebration !!! We had a delicious dinner, then a white elephant gift exchange ! The Segers also gave each of us a Christmas package and also one for each companionship !!! They went to a lot of work and money to do this for us. It was really awesome of them. They do it every year for the missionaries in our zone. They are good people !!!

We have been working hard ! Yesterday was the first time it got really really cold this year and I wasn't prepared. I didn't grab my winter gear from our apartment so I froze for a while !!! I was trying to be a tough guy but it really messed me up when we finally got warm I was in a lot of pain. I thought I had frost bite on my ears for a minute but I'm ok.

I love my mission and know that this is Gods work. I love you all and will see you soon !!!!!!
p.s. Thank you for the b-day wishes !!!!!!
Elder Hathcock
aKa "Soldier of God"

I'm not getting released until 8pm ????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  DANG !!!!!!!

Friday, December 7, 2012


HELLO EVERYONE !!!!!!!!!!! It was a great week !!!! J passed the sacrament for the first time yesterday at church !!!!! It was such a blessing to see him fulfill one of his priesthood duties, he was so happy !

The "Christmas Devotional" was so good and one of the many people we invited came!!  Good ole Mr. P!  He really enjoyed it.   The music was so beautiful too!  

Coming to the close of a mission is so hard in so many ways.  But I have been so happy and at peace lately.  I will be a finisher!!!   My Savior has done WAY too much for me for me not to be!!!!!!!!  The gospel really does bring happiness.

Recently I have thought about when we, as God's children, go through tough times.  I recognize that even members of the church and others who are really good people, all go through tough times no matter what.  But I thought about how much harder those tough times would be without the gospel.  I feel so blessed to have the gospel in my life.  I've lived both ways (without the gospel and with the gospel) and let me just tell ya.....Life is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much happier and better with the gospel!!!!!!  

I testify that God lives, that his Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ lives.  I testify that Joseph Smith was called to be a prophet of God!!!  That he restored the same exact church that Jesus Christ established when He came to the earth and that this church holds the power to act in God's name. I testify and I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and is holy scripture along with the Bible.  I know that the Atonement is real.  I will never fully comprehend that amazing gift but I know my Savior has redeemed my soul and I will have the blessed opportunity to live with God again and be with my family forever!!!!  I know all of these things because God has made them known to me by the power of the Holy Ghost.  ANYONE can know of these truths if the sincerely want to know and pray and simply ask their Father in Heaven.

I LOVE YOU ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Hathcock
aka "Soldier of God"

Monday, November 19, 2012


So happy for Carli !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It will be the start to a glorious life.
It was a pretty good week for us. We are working hard and I am staying focused. J will be receiving the Aaronic priesthood this coming Sunday and we are so happy for him. He really blows my mind how awesome he is. He has been sharing the Gospel with everybody !!!
I'm excited to hear where Mackenzie will be serving !
We are having Thanksgiving at the Santiago's. They are an awesome family and it will be a blast. That morning the ward is also having a Turkey bowl and I've got my cleats ready to rock !!! I am happy to hear that our family will be together along with some Monettes !! That's awesome !
I was blessed with the opportunity to teach Elders quorum yesterday about "forgiveness" and it really helped me to understand how important it is that we first seek the forgiveness of others before we go to our Heavenly Father and ask for forgiveness. I want to invite us all to make that effort to forgive someone who may have done us wrong and I promise that we will be the ones with a burden lifted.
Oh ya !!! I got to go back to Colby like you already know Maa. But it was a tender mercy from the Lord.  I was so grateful to have been able to see those who I got to see.   I didn't get to see the Trails which was a BUMMER as well as all the Rose family but it was great to see Sister Rose, Abby and Judd.  I even got to see Brent Bandy and Travis Sies and that was a great experience that I I will have to share at a later time.  But it was so great going back to where I started.
Andrew Cordova wrote me and wanted me to say hi to you all for him.
Well I love you all and am blessed by your love everyday, I know that's true !!!

Love Elder Hathcock

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Its been another busy week!   Every-ones costumes were amazing!!!! 

We have had to do a lot of traveling again this week but it was beneficial.   We had our zone training meetings last Friday and they went really well.  We do two different ones in our zone because of the distances.   But Elder Brandon and I felt that at the end of each one we should take some time and talk about the importance of being united as a companionship.   Then we did a little activity where we had each companionship do "trust falls." It was fun  and we feel that the message was received well.

I love the Savior Jesus Christ.  I am nothing without him.   I love being one of his soldiers and I will continue to serve him forever.   I love you all and thank you for your love and support.

I am so proud of my cousins Elder Lange and Elder Larsen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Hathcock


Hello everyone !!!!!!! another glorrious week in good ol Kansas just doing the good Lords work. I don't have much time to write because I love reading my cousins letters!  Things are going good. I am so strengthened by everyone's prayers. Thank you so much !!! I LOVE YOU ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Hathcock


Hello !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for the package !!!!! It was truly a treat !!!!!

We had a rough week but we are trying to seek guidance on what we can do better and are looking forward to this week. J is continuing to do great !!! He is the MAN !!! He is preparing to receive the priesthood so we are helping him with that.

I feel like I don't have a whole lot to say except that life is good, the church is true and I love being a soldier of God !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween.

Something that I read recently in Preach My Gospel has really changed the way I read scriptures. In chapter 2 it talks about really visualizing whats happening as you read. It has been amazing as I have done this.  It has allowed me to really grasp the reality of everything that is happening in the scriptures. To feel what the people or prophets must have been feeling and how hard it would be to experience a lot of what goes on within the scriptures. I invite you all to do this and see how much more it will invite the spirit as you do.

I love you all and am so grateful for your love and support.
I recently got letters/cards from Heather and Kim Parker which was really sweet of them to do.

Love you all !!!
Elder Hathcock


Hello everyone !!! It was another busy week. I don't have a whole lot of time to write because I had to read through some upcoming travel arrangements that Elder Brandon and I are involved with. We have 2 visa waiters in our zone that we have to drive in to the Springs.

But anyways, J was confirmed on Sunday and he is doing great !! He was walking on air after he received the Gift of the Holy Ghost. It was beautiful to see. He loves to participate in Sunday school. Its great !

We had interviews yesterday and it was nice to talk with President again. It was also nice to see Elder Clark again, I missed that little rascal. It was great cause his mom and dad sent me some granola that they make and a letter. So sweet of them.

Coming closer to the end is rough but I keep on striving to rely on the Lord and think of others and I am strengthened. I love you all !!!!!
Elder Hathcock
aka "Solder of God" (Soldado de Dios)

OK for the package if you could include some "cheeze its" that would be great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :]  but whatever is fine, I am pumped !!! Love you

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Hello everyone !!!!! J was baptized yesterday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is the MAN !!!! It is so amazing to see how happy he is. The gospel changes lives !!!!

We have been teaching one of the recent convert's fiancee and she is getting baptized this Sunday !!!!

I am loving it here !!! Spanish is hard but it has been cool to be able to understand more of what I hear.

We had our Zone Training meetings last Friday and they went really well. We have to do a lot of traveling as zone leaders out here because it is so spread out. Next time we are in Liberal I will have to get a picture of Dorthy's house from "Wizard of Oz", That's where it was filmed!!

I love being a missionary. I continue to learn and grow everyday. I know this is Jesus Christ's church on the earth. I love you all and pray that this week we will all pray everyday for an opportunity to serve someone.
Elder Hathcock
aka "Soldier of God" "Soldado de Dios" :]
P.s. you also forgot to mention who the new Stake President is... HAHA


I had no idea that Racho was planning on serving a mission !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is so awesome !!!!!!!!!! I was hoping she would. :]
It has been amazing coming here to Kansas ! Back to my roots !!! HAHA !! Elder Brandon is a great missionary. He is from Spanish Fork, Utah and speaks very good Spanish. We have not had much time to do language study this week but Elder Brandon has been teaching me the conjugations ... talk about a headache. We are not teaching anyone in Spanish right now but we do have two investigators. J is getting BAPTIZED this Sunday !!!!!!!!! He was actually found when we came down for exchanges a couple weeks ago. He has been doing great and now his mom is interested !!! I have been waking up so happy lately ! I am grateful for my last calling but I am loving life right now !!! We have done a lot of traveling this week because of baptismal interviews and also we had to drive back to the Springs for Zone Leader Council. So that's why we are just now having p-day. I love you all !!!!!!! General Conference was amazing !!! We need to "hasten" the work of the Lord. We all need to be sharing the Gospel !!!!!!
Elder Hathcock

Thursday, October 4, 2012



The news about C has made my day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for her. It has been a crazy week. We went and did our last day of exchanges with all the zone leaders this past Wednesday. It was in Kansas !! It was cool cause I got to see a little preview of my next area. I went with my soon to be new companion and it was a great day ! I am looking forward to serving with him. I am however very very sad to be leaving Elder Clark. He really is like the younger brother I have always wanted. We have had some incredible experiences together !! As well as some great laughs. I have learned so much from serving with him. He is a very hard worker, a great teacher, and a true soldier of God. I love him and am grateful for the honor it was to serve along side with him. We also brougth in our new companion Elder Durrant. I wish I could serve with him longer too, he is a spiritual giant and very smart. I am very impressed with him. He is from Meridian, Idaho. Benjamin probably knows where thats at 'cause its not far from Boise. I am very excited to be going back to having more time to proselyte ! And to be in Kansas !!! YEEHAW !!!!! Its gonna be a great way to conclude my service. I just want to say that I know that the Lord is mindful of us all, he loves us and knows what we need most. I love you all !!!! I hope the birthdays were a blast !!!!!!
Elder Hathcock

Sunday, September 23, 2012


How goes it everyone ?!! It was a great week with a lot of traveling involved. I am feeling the results of it today. So Monday we were able to have a "P-DAY" and it was fun cause a member took us golfing and out to lunch ! Then we had a lesson with P who is moving to San Diego at the beginning of October, but he is doing well. Then we headed to the San Luis Valley for exchanges with the zone leaders there. Its about a 2 1/2 hour drive but it is a beautiful drive. They are a Spanish speaking companionship so it was a reality check ! Tuesday we spoke Spanish all day !!! Well ...  I attempted HAHA. But I did say two prayers in Spanish. Then on Wednesday we had a meeting with President and that evening we headed to Parker to go on exchanges with those zone leaders the next day. They live in the basement of a member home and it is a really nice set up. Parker is a rich area and it was different working out there but Elder Maumau and I saw some great miracles that day. That night we traveled back and continued our meeting with President. Friday morning we continued our meeting with President and prepared for our "Train the Trainers" meeting and held it that evening. It went really well, we have some very good trainers for these next couple of transfers. Then the big day finally came !!! Saturday morning we got up earlier than usual and got to the church building where Elder Holland would be addressing us. Thankfully all of our missionaries got there on time and were seated in an orderly fashion in preparation for the brethren to arrive. Elder Clark and I, along with the zone leaders formed a little choir for the event. We sang "We'll Bring The World His Truth," to start off the meeting. We first heard from Bishop Davies of the presiding bishopric and he spoke about his mission and his time serving as a mission President in Puerto Rico. Then we heard from Elder Gonzalez from the presidency of the quorum of the seventy. He is from Uruguay, where Bishop Davies served his mission. He talked a lot about the importance of the Book of Mormon and how we should look for every opportunity to teach and testify from it. It was great ! Then we heard from Elder Holland ...  it was intense !!!! He had a cordless microphone so he came down and walked around as he spoke. I was sitting in the second row of the middle section in the chapel. I was on the end so he would be standing inches from me at times ( I know pretty cool huh?) :]. He has a lot of energy and spoke with such power ! For me the things he said that stood out the most was to NOT return home and be who I use to be before my mission. He talked about how upsetting it is when missionaries return home and walk away from the gospel. He said, "I WANT YOUR MISSION TO CHANGE YOU FOREVER !!!" There were so many other great things he said and talked about but that is what I wanted to share. He has a great sense of humor too. It was a very uplifting meeting and I feel so blessed to have been able to attend. One other thing that was great was when he discussed how the first 20 verses of the Book of Mormon outlines the profile of a prophet. Pretty amazing ! Well tomorrow we bring in the new AP and he is a great missionary who is from Idaho. I love you all !!!!!!  
Vaya con Dios  !!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Hathcock

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


"GLORY GLORY HALLELUJAH ... GLORY GLORY HALLELUJAH !!!! "   Hello everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!

It's been an exhausting/glorious week full of miracles !!! We went on exchanges with three other Zone Leader companionship's this week. They were a success !!! We have very good missionaries as Zone Leaders. We will be doing two more exchanges this week and one more the following to finish up our exchanges for the transfer.

Elder Holland comes this Saturday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our mission is so blessed to have an Apostles of the Lord come address us this week. For your information Maa, we will not be able to take pictures. But I will get to meet him !!! So pumped !!!

Yesterday I was on exchanges in my former area and I got to stop by and see Nancy, she was having a rough day and we were able to help her see all the great things she is doing and reassured her of how happy Heavenly Father is of her. It is great to see how much she has grown in the gospel in such a short time, I love her !!!!

My testimony of this work continues to grow everyday, it is amazing to see how the Lord places us exactly where we need to be when we do our part in planning through the Spirit. I have gained a firm testimony of the importance of setting goals and making plans. It enables us to progress and stay anxiously engaged in a good cause.

I hope BUBBA'S had a most excellent birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss him so much !!!!!!!

Well I love you all. I pray that you will have a safe week and continue to recognize how blessed we are.
Elder Hathcock

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Well it has been a glorious week !!!

Yesterday B was baptized and it was so beautiful to see him and his family sitting there with smiles on there faces. At the end of the service B bore his testimony and the Spirit was so strong as he shared his experiences with prayer. He also expressed his love and appreciation for his dear wife Z. It has been so amazing to see how the gospel has made their marriage SO much better.

We have been so blessed in the work. I am really grateful for Elder Clark, he really is one of the best missionaries I've ever seen. He is THE MAN !!!

There has been some interesting changes in what President has planned for where and how I will be ending my mission. But I will not be able to tell you until the time is closer. But this will be my last transfer as one of President's assistants. It is going to be hard to not be able to work so closely with President, but I feel truly blessed with the time that I have had to serve with him.  That is not for a few more weeks so there is really no reason to even think about it now.

Today at church is going to be glorious !!! Elder Clark will be blessed to confirm B today in sacrament meeting.

I loved reading Elder Lange's first letter in the MTC !!! It took me back to remembering that special spirit I felt when I was there. Elder Lange will be a great blessing to his companion ! I love it !!

We have been seeing so many miracles lately and we are doing our best to assist President in helping this mission progress. I love you all and hope you have a blessed week, full of accomplishment and success !!! 
Elder Hathcock
aKa "Soldier of God"

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


HELLO EVERYONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is another glooooorious sabbath morning !!! And I am grateful to be alive !!!!!! It has been a great week of miracles, Elder Clark and I are pumped for the month of September because we have a lot of time to proselyte. It is the most time I have been able to since I have been in this calling ! So we are excited to do work and help the Zone Leaders in the mission by going on exchanges with them. It is going to be epic !!!!!! This week we experienced a miracle with Z's husband B. It was one of the most amazing lessons I have ever been apart of. When we met with them, B was in a very bad mood and felt overwhelmed with everything that was going on at work and he wasn't willing to pray or anything. So we were praying hard that we would be able to help him. It was amazing the way the Spirit took over and guided Elder Clark and I to address his concerns and help him see how God is there to help him. By the end of the lesson we invited B to pray right then and there, to ask God if he should be baptized. He did and after he closed his prayer we sat in silence. The Spirit of God filled the room and B was looking at his two little boys and he began to smile. He told us that he only was having good thoughts and that he felt that God was telling him "Try me and see if this is not right." B is now preparing for baptism so that he and his family can prepare to go to the temple some day and be sealed for time and all eternity. He will be baptized next Saturday the 8th !!! I testify that this Gospel does bring happiness and makes marriages better. I have witnessed it with two married couples with in the past couple months. It is such a testimony builder for me personally !!! It all starts by being baptized into Jesus Christ church. Today Z and C will receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost. I will have the honor of confirming C and Brother D will be confirming Z. I am so grateful for the blessing to be able to see how we as God's children get answers to our prayers and are blessed, when we truly desire to do His will. I love you all and know this is the greatest work I will ever do in my life !!!!!!!! Hope you all have a great week !!!!
Elder Hathcock
AkA "Soldier of God"

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


They had a crawdad cook-off with some members so tyler sent home a couple of photos of that!


Hello everyone ! It has been a very hectic week but it all was worth it yesterday when C and Z got baptized. There is nothing like seeing Gods children enter into the waters of baptism and to see the joy that they have from doing so. At the end of the service they both bore pure testimonies that filled the room with the Spirit. I had the honor to baptize Z and Elder Clark baptized C. It is truly a blessing to be able to help others come to know for themselves the truthfulness of the Gospel.

Alright so I have some pretty amazing news ... I have known this for a little while but couldn't say anything until now. But Elder Holland is coming to our mission to speak to all of us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO WEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so pumped !!!!!! It will be at the end of September and the whole mission is coming in for the meeting. Elder Holland is my kinda guy so I am really looking forward to hearing from him. Our mission needs it.

I am so excited for Cory, he is going to be a great "Soldier of God!" there are people being prepared for him to find and invite to come unto Christ.

Well I love you all and am always, always grateful for each of you. I love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Hathcock

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I am writing tonight because tomorrow we have a lot to do before church. We are also heading out to Kansas right after church so it will be a long day. But Elder Clark and I are pumped about tomorrow !!! All of our investigators are solid for coming to church and we had a great lesson tonight with the B's. In our lesson last night, Z( the wife) felt the spirit so strong as we taught the Plan of Salvation that it brought her to tears. It was so beautiful because she said, "I can't explain the feeling that I'm having but that it just feels ...  good and I know its right. I am so happy." Times like that make every hardship worth it !!! The Spirit doesn't lie. She and her husband will be getting baptized next Saturday !!!!!! We are seeing so many miracles right now. I am so grateful for the blessings that this Gospel brings. My testimony continues to grow stronger and stronger everyday. I am so grateful for holy scripture that is written for us in these latter days by Gods chosen prophets. Elder Clark and I are having a glorious time together ! Spiritual highs and good laughs ! I love you all and I hope you know how much I really do appreciate your support and prayers. I love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Hathcock
aKa "Soldier of God"

Monday, August 6, 2012


Hello !!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been a great week but sad week. Elder Bischoff went home yesterday and it was rough, but I am happy for him and know that he is doing great ! We have a lot of stuff to do so I don't have much time to write today. But Elder Clark and I are seeing miracles !!!!!! K's husband is doing great !!! He is now preparing for baptism and has seen so many blessings already !! He is reading the Book of Mormon and is understanding it so well, its beautiful ! Our other investigators are seeing many blessings too and that has been a testimony for the husband that what he is doing is right. He has seen their marriage improve since they have been praying, reading, and coming to church. It is amazing to see the change in him in such a short time. I know that this gospel is true and that the church of Jesus Christ is here on the earth. I love you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
p.s. So pumped for Kevin Andersen !!!!!! He looked like the happiest man on earth coming out of the temple with his beautiful bride. I love you brother !!!!  (Kevin Andersen was Tyler's companion-the one who trained him)
Elder Hathcock
aKa "Soldier of God"

Got another email that said this:  real quick, something really cool that is going to happen today is that K is being confirmed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also a less active family that we have helped get back to church asked if I would bless their little boy and give him a name and a blessing. What an honor !!!! So hopefully that happens today !!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

AP Camp video

Tyler was ask to share his testimony for a video they put together for our Stake Young men's AP camp. Above is the finished product that they put on you tube - he is the last one- Thought I would send it out for those who would like to see it
- Tammie



Thank you so much for the pictures Maa !!! Elders Bischoff and Clark had a good laugh. Things are going great !!!!! K got married yesterday !!!!!!! The Relief Society sisters are amazing !!!!! Jesus Christ church would not function without the sisters. They are so great ! We had the wedding at the church and it looked beautiful. Bishop Hendry performed the marriage and did a great job. K looked so happy and so did her husband. She had a good amount of family attend the wedding and they were all very happy for the two of them. I was the first to give a "toast" and I got emotional like a baby of course. One of her little boys was so funny at the wedding ! I got some great pictures and videos of him. I love that little guy! Now today K will enter the waters of baptism !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She asked if I would baptize her and I am honored to do so. It has been such a beautiful opportunity to see the change and blessings that have come into her and her families life because of the Gospel. And now she will be taking the first step today to be able to return to live with God. Elder Clark and I were asked to give talks in sacrament meeting today so the pressure is on. But I am grateful to be able to. Elder Bischoff goes home this Friday and it is going to be a very sad day, but I am excited for the blessings and opportunities that await him. I love Sundays !!!! I am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ everyday and for the sacrifice He made for me. I know and testify that this is the church of Jesus Christ on the earth. It has changed my life and continues to change my life everyday. I love you all and I hope you continue to recover quickly Maa.
Elder Hathcock

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Hello everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't have a lot of time to write today and we will be in Kansas tomorrow. But I just wanted to bare testimony of the power of fasting and prayer. Recently we saw an amazing miracle with one of our investigators this last week as we fasted and prayed together with her. Her and her boyfriend will be getting married this coming Saturday and we will be apart of it !!! Then she will be getting baptized the next day on Sunday !!!!! The Gospel is true and it changes peoples lives for the better,not only here on earth,but for eternity. Our companionship has been seeing so many miracles as of late. I have gained a testimony that the Lord magnifies the time that we have in our calling. So something really cool that we did this past Friday was we performed one of the "Hakka" war dances at a luau the church had. A member taught it to us (brother Watts-Johnson). It was awesome !!!!! It gets you pumped !!!!!! I love you all and hope all is well !!!!!
Elder Hathcock
aKa "Soldier of God"

Oh ya Maa, again I hope all goes well tomorrow with your surgery. You will be in my prayers as always. :] I love you Maa !!!!
Also, when you get a chance if you could e-mail me some funny pictures of myself when I was a little fat kid. Elder Bischoff and Clark are dying to see some. Maybe even a video if possible. hahaha !!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Some pictures of Tyler being.... well, Tyler!


Hey everyone !!! 
Things are going good out here. We have been seeing a lot of miracles lately and I am very grateful for the blessing to be apart of them. We started "Interviews" this past week and they will continue throughout the rest of this month. After church today we will be heading out to the San Luis Valley to do "Interviews" for that zone tomorrow. Then from there we will drive to Pueblo to do them their on Tuesday. The ones we have done so far have gone really good. The training I am apart of is focused on "Accountability" and "Revelation through Prayer." It has helped me to gain a greater understanding of the importance to give an accounting to my Father in Heaven every night, of the efforts I have made to do His will. As I have done that, He lets me know what it is that I can do better at. I have felt his love more abundantly as I have done so. I have received answers to my prayers. Prayer is a beautiful opportunity that we have to be able to communicate with God. I testify that God hears every prayer that is offered. He loves each of his children and is willing to bless them as they keep His commandments. 

We had missionaries depart a few days before transfers and it was a tough one. Some really great soldiers of God that left our mission. It was really tough saying good-bye to Elder Rios. We had built a tight relationship and it was hard to see him go. But I am pumped to see the great blessings and opportunities that await him back home. We had the great opportunity to attend a baptism yesterday. It was one of Elder Clark's investigators from his last area and Elder Clark was asked to perform the ordinance. The spirit is always so strong at baptisms, I LOVE IT !!!!!! I love the sabbath day !!! I am looking forward to taking the sacrament and helping our investigators progress in this gospel. 

I love you all and I am always strengthened by your prayers. Thank you so much !!!! 

 p.s. Sorry I didn't send you a birthday card Maa, I love you and hope it was a great one !!! 
 p.p.s I hope Stacy's move went smoothly, I can't wait to hear about it. Tell her I love her. 

 Elder Hathcock

Friday, July 6, 2012


Congrats to Josh and Erin !!! Things are going great ! On Sunday we had 3 investigators at church !!!!!! One of them is named Crystal and she has been so prepared for the Gospel, it is beautiful !!! She brought her two little boys and they are awesome !!! One is 3 and the other is 5. The 5 yr old (Enrique) is the cutest, chubbiest guy. We are best buds. Things are going great, I feel bad that I couldn't send that video for the YM in the Murrieta Stake. It was too big of a file to e-mail and I think it was too late by the time I was able to do it. Elder Clark is now with us, he will be the new assistant replacing Elder Bischoff. He is from Ventura and came out with me. I am pumped to serve with him ! I have been very busy as usual and this month is really crazy !!!!!! A lot of traveling because we have "Interviews" for all the missionaries in their different zones. We finally got our a/c working again in our apartment today. We haven't had it for like 3 weeks and it has been pretty bad. It really humbled me and I am very grateful for a/c. Also yesterday I saw Nancy and she is doing great !!!! She had a great time in Washington DC with her daughter. She came to our "Recent Convert" fireside last night. It was really good to see her as always. We had to have 3 companionship's evacuate from where they lived due to the fire. Two of them have recently been able to go back. It has been pretty crazy but good to see how many people reached out and helped those in need. I am loving life and I LOVE you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elder Hathcock 
aKa "Soldier of God"

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


HAPPY FATHER'S DAY POP's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for all you do and for the great father you have been to me in my life. As always, I pray I can be half the man you are ! Hope you have a glorious Father's Day.

It was a busy week of meetings, but they have been very revelatory and the things we discussed were exactly what our mission needs. I am so grateful for my knowledge of the Spirit. It truly is as the scriptures say. The Spirit testifies of truth and of our Savior Jesus Christ. I know of the truths I am apart of because the Spirit of God has confirmed them to me. Elder Bischoff is having a tough time accepting that his mission is coming to an end. He is a great missionary and you know by what he says and does that he loves his Savior Jesus Christ. We have been pretty worn out and are grateful that we will have a "p-day" tomorrow to be able to recoup.

In our meetings this past week we had the privilege to watch a talk by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland (a member of the quorum o the 12 Apostles) that he gave in the "MTC" just TWO DAYS after I left, on Jan-11-2011. I barely missed it !!! Anyways, he talks about the experience that Peter has in (St John ch 21). There are so many things that I got from this talk that have been beneficial but there is one thing in particular that stood out on Friday. It is where he talks about "leaving our nets." I thought about the "nets" I have left behind in my life in order to serve God and how I NEVER want to return to them. It is something that I invite us all to do, is to think of the "nets" in our lives that we can do without. As we let go of these "nets" I know we will be happier and will see countless blessings in our lives. A question we can ask ourselves everyday is "do I love Him?" If you love him then feed his sheep. I love my Father in Heaven and Savior Jesus Christ, I am NOTHING without them. I love you all and am grateful for your love, support and prayers.

Elder Hathcock

Tyler wrote this about his cousin Cory's mission call to Houston Texas Spanish Speaking: AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! YEEHAW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012


Good Morning !!! It has been a great week !!!!! We had a group of missionaries who hit their halfway mark on their missions. In our mission we have them all come together and have, what we call a "Temple Jubilee." We take them to the temple for the day. It was a great group of missionaries. I was very grateful for the opportunity that I had to attend the temple. We were able to do baptisms and confirmations, as well as an endowment session. There is no better place to experience the Spirit of God than in the temple. I feel so blessed to be able to go in such a holy place. After the temple, we headed to the mission home for supper. It was a delicious ham dinner that Sister Anderson prepared. Then we watched a really cool video on the temple, specifically about the symbolism of the temple. It was a glorious experience ! We were able to teach Jerry about the "Plan of Salvation" and afterwards he knew it was Gods plan. The spirit was so strong !! We are still trying to help him figure out what day he should be baptized. Its tough because his schedule is always changing. He is in the ARMY and has a lot going on right now. He is coming to church again today so we are pumped to see him there. I have been so busy but I need to write Nancy soon. I sure do miss her and Luli. I heard she is doing great, so that's good. I hope YaYa had a glorious birthday yesterday ! Hopefully she was able to get work off and do something fun with Bunjamin. :] We have some "Specialized Training" that we are doing all this week in the various zones of the mission. So we are leaving for Kansas right after church today and starting tomorrow. Busy and tiring week ahead, but I feel bad even saying that cause poor President Anderson never gets any sleep. He is a machine !!! I love you all and am so grateful for each of you everyday of my life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PS: I'm sure you heard about Stacy's plans. Isn't it awesome ?!!! The blessings of serving the Lord, its amazing !!!
p.s.s. I did read the thing about the video for the AP camp but I honestly don't know when I would be able to. I would really like to do it but I dont know. :[ Also, if you could ask Stacy if she is still sending me that other camera sd card I would really appreciate it. I need one so I can take pictures.
Love, Elder Hathcock

Thursday, May 31, 2012


Good morning !!!!!!!!!!!! Another beautiful sunny day here in Colorado Springs. This week flew by with lots going on. I recently found out that Kevin Andersen is engaged !!!!!! So pumped for him !!! We had a big group of departing missionaries this week, so we had to split it into two days. The craziest thing of all is that my Sisters that came out with me, all went home with this group. I got really sick the 2nd day and didn't get to say goodbye to Sister Gilson. I was pretty bummed about that. It was really sad to see my Sisters go. Two of my former zone leaders came through the mission the other day and I got to talk with them which was cool. Drew Lewis and Shane Murphy, they are both doing great ! We are expecting two of our investigators at church today, so we are PUMPED !!! I love Sundays !!!! So I also heard that Stacy got accepted to USD !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of her !!!! My girls wicked smart (Boston accent) :] Congrats Stace !!! Happy to hear that you and Pop are having a good time in Chicago Maa. Thanks for taking time to write me, I am grateful. I LOVE you all and hope you all have a GLOOOORIUOS week !!!!!!
Elder Hathcock
Aka "Soldier of God"

Sunday, May 20, 2012


We had a great visit with Tyler on Mother's Day.  The whole family was here and we got to Skype with him.  It felt like he got to drop by for a visit!  We sure do miss him, but we are so proud of him and all that he is doing and so glad that he loves it so much!  Below is his latest email.  -Tammie

Hello everyone !!!! It is a beautiful sabbath morning here in Colorado Springs. The sun is shining and the birds are chirping !!! HAHA ! It has been very busy this week, and every week. Monday we packed up and headed to Kansas for our last zone conference and for a leadership training meeting. It was a nice drive and was fun going back to Kansas again. I wish we could have gone to Colby but there was no time to. It was pretty warm compared to Colorado Springs but the sun set was glorious !! We got back to Colorado Wednesday night and were exhausted !

The rest of the week was busy with meetings with President and when we had time to we proselyted. We have had trouble getting in contact with our investigators. It is very difficult as an assistant to manage time effectively to be able to help our investigators. It is a hard adjustment.

 I can't believe that this is already the sixth week of the transfer!!! This has probably been the fastest transfer of my mission thus far. It is a reality check of how fast the mission goes by and I don't want to waste a minute of it. I love my mission and am so blessed to be apart this great work, I can't say that enough !!! I am forever in debt ed to my Savior Jesus Christ, and am so grateful for my loving Heavenly Father.

I LOVE YOU ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Hathcock

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Hello everyone !!! I had a great week ! Three of our investigators came to church today !!!! We had Stake Conference this weekend and the adult session last night was great. One of our investigators (Nathan) came and he really liked it.
One of the talks was about "prison missionary work", and the kind of things that go on in the church in helping those in prison. He talked about the responsibility we have as Christians to HELP others. We should always be looking for opportunities to share the gospel with others.
Another talk was about the importance of attending the temple. Most of us are very blessed to have temples close by and we need to take advantage of that great blessing.
President Anderson also spoke at Stake Conference and he did a great job ! He is such a spiritual man and is a great example to me. I've never been so busy in my life and I have never been so happy in my life !!! The best perk of being an assistant is the blessing of being able to go to the temple once every transfer and then for the 'temple jubilees' (for missionaries who are at their one year mark). I haven't been able to do it yet but I am looking forward to it!!!
I love and miss you all and you are in my prayers. Thank you for all your love and support!

Elder Hathcock

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I asked Tyler to let us know what things he does as an AP-here is his response and it's the only letter that we got this week besides his comment about Lacey and Jake's new baby girl! 

Hi !
As AP, I have a lot of things to do. We take care of a lot of office stuff, but I'll name a few.
I record statistics and take care of mile reimbursements for vehicles. We are in contact with President Anderson on a daily basis to take care of anything he wants us to do. Every night we talk to the zone leaders to see how the missionary work is going and we proselyte when we have time.
Luckily we were able to go out and work the last three days. It has been great !!! We have three investigators preparing for baptism right now. It is amazing to see how the Lord prepares people. I got a letter from Nancy the other day ! It was awesome cause she shared about what a great experience she had at the temple.
There are still a lot of things I still need to learn in the office but Elder Schmidt is helping me out a lot.  Did I tell you that Elder Schmidt is from Mesa, AZ? He grew up right by where we used to lived!  He knew the Goffs. We were talking the other day about how much we miss "Bahama Bucks" shaved ice!
Oh, another thing we do as AP's that is cool is we go with President and Sister Anderson to pick up new missionaries at the airport. We do some training with them for a few days. It is a great experience to see these new missionaries eager to do the Lord's work. It was weird going to the airport and re-living my first day in the mission. We also take departing missionaries to the airport, but I have not done that yet.
I am loving my mission and am so happy. This is the greatest work I  have ever done!
I love you all !!!

Elder Hathcock
Aka  "Soldier of God"

About the picture I emailed of little Khloe:  "she's so cute!!!!!!!!"

Monday, April 16, 2012


Assistant to the President is the highest level of leadership a missionary can reach while on his mission. They are charged with helping the Mission President with any duties he may need done. SO proud of our Elder Hathcock!!!!
Aww, I am bummed you couldn't go to the temple with Stacy. And YaYa went to the wrong session ?!!! HAHA Anyways, I have been called as the new AP (Assistant to the President) so it has been a stressful past couple of days. But I could not ask for better companions, Elders Schmidt and Bischoff. There are a lot of things I need to learn (logistic things). We are in a "trio" because they are training me and then Elder Schmidt is going to train a new missionary his last two transfers. Nancy had a great experience at the temple, we weren't able to do her parents names but they will be done soon enough. She had the biggest smile on her face, it was beautiful !!!! It was hard to say goodbye but I told her it was just "see you later."
Love you Maa !!!!
Elder Hathcock

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I hope everyone had a gloooorious Easter Sunday !!! Mine was very glorious !!! Church was great ! We had dinner at the McConkie's, it was a delicious ham dinner. Elder Henslee was excited to see Hyrum Smith's walking cane and John Tanner's chair at their house.

To answer your question Maa, things are going great with Elder Henslee. He reminds me of how Pops probably was as a missionary. HA ! He keeps on messing with my head though. He talks as if he knows something. He has me thinking that I might be leaving after this transfer. This is the last transfer of the week. This next transfer is Elder Henslee's last one ! So don't send anything to my exact address until after transfers.

So my P-day will be next Tuesday because of transfers.

I saw Elder Clegg the other day for interviews. I get to see him every now and then. He's doing great !!! I pray that all is well with everyone.
I love you all,
Elder Hathcock

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Tyler was in training and zone conferences all day Monday and Tuesday so he wrote us today.
Hello everyone !!!!!!!!!!! It looks like Pops birthday bash was a good time. I loved the pictures !!! General conference was GLOOOORIOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Elder Holland !!!!!! He is my kind of guy. All the talks had very great things that helped me strengthen my testimony of my Savior and this church. I think the thing that stood out to me the most was the focus about families and how important the family is to our Heavenly Father. I look forward to the day that I get to start a family of my own. I have what Stacy calls, "baby fever" HAHAHA !!! I watched conference at our ward mission leaders home (David James). He was out of town, so we watched it with his wife and Nancy and some others that they invited. Nancy had a great experience, she told us how the Spirit confirmed to her that the Prophet and Apostles were in fact men called of God and that this is his church on the earth. She has been so happy since she has been baptized and received the gift of the Holy Ghost and been a member of the church. She is going to the temple on the 14th to do baptisms for the deceased. The amazing thing is, is that the 14th is her mothers birthday ! Her parents have been dead for a while now but we are helping her be able to do their temple work that day . She is so excited !!! I love being a servant of the Lord !!! I love you all and I testify that Thomas S. Monson is Gods living Prophet on the earth !!!!!!!

Elder Hathcock

Thursday, March 29, 2012


HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA SUZIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love those pictures Maa, thank you for sending those. Grandma looks so pretty.

I'm glad you and Pops were able to go to Stacy's bday / Spencer's homecoming party. I miss them all !!! This week was a great week ! The ward has been doing a great job showing love for Nancy. Saturday we had a BBQ at her place and invited some members of the ward over. She loved it !!! We cooked hamburgers and hot dogs. I was working the grill, I loved being able to man a grill once again ! It had been a while ... but I still got it baby !!! HAHA !!!

Yesterday, I had the honor and privilege to confirm Nancy and help her receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. It is so beautiful to see the happiness that has come into her life because of the Gospel. It is so important to share the gospel with others (Alma 36:24).

This coming weekend is a great opportunity to invite others to watch general conference and to help them feel the spirit and witness that there is a living prophet and 12 apostles on the earth today !!! I testify that it is true !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Hathcock
AkA "Soldier of God"

Monday, March 19, 2012


Yesterday was a GLOOOOOORIOUS DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had 4 less actives at church and Nancy's baptism was beautiful !!! She could not get the smile off her face, it was awesome !! She even bore her testimony, the spirit was so powerful. She gave me a big hug after the ceremony and she thanked us for all we have done to get her to where she is. It touched my heart. She said how she loves how everyone is so happy in the church.

That is the most important thing that i share with people is that as they come to know the truth of the gospel and are baptized, they are SO HAPPY !!!! It has brought into my life that happiness and i am so grateful everyday for my Saviors mercy and sacrifice.

I am sad to hear that Kerry got released, but I know the Lord must have something else for him to do. I love you all !!!!!!!!!! (1JOHN 4: 7-9 & 18)
Elder Hathcock

Monday, March 12, 2012


Hello everyone !!!!!!!!!! Nancy is doing GREAT !!!!! It has been a blessing helping her, it is beautiful to see how when someone truly humbles themselves, they are able to feel the direction from God and know the truth through the Spirit. My new companion, Elder Henslee, is a great guy, he is pretty quiet but we are doing well together and working hard. He is from SLC, Utah, and he is a Spanish speaking missionary so i am trying to pick some up from him. :] I am so HAPPY !!!! Its great to experience happiness the Gospel has brought me in my life and share that with others. I love you all !!!!!!!!!

Elder Hathcock

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Note from Tammie: I asked Tyler if he knew an Elder Bowman. One of our missionaries knew him from home and asked me to find out....Elder Clegg is from our area. His Uncle was Tyler's Branch President and had a huge influence on getting Tyler on a mission! He is also our next door neighbor!

Elder Rios is awesome, and he will be leaving tomorrow which is NOT so awesome !!!!!!!!!!!! He is being transferred to Pueblo. My new companion is Elder Henslee, he is a "Spanish speaking" missionary so maybe I will learn some Spanish. I don't know him very well but I am looking forward to serving with him.
I did not know Elder Bowman but I have heard great things about him. We are teaching a lady right now named Nancy and she is doing great !!! She is so sweet and it is great to finally see hard work pay off. This has been a great miracle. She is preparing for baptism for the 18th of this month !!! I thought I told you that Elder Rios is from San Antonio Texas, maybe I didn't. I am pumped because Elder Clegg is coming to my zone and he is training a new missionary. I also recently got a letter from Austin Kennedy which was really cool. His little girl is so cute ! Elder Rios has to pack so I gotta go but I love you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tell Stacy I am sorry but i will write her soon. I have been really busy but her last letter was one of my favorites and I am SOOOOOO HAPPY that she will be receiving her endowment soon !!! Tell her I WUV HER !!!!!!!!!!
Elder Hathcock

Monday, February 27, 2012


I Don't have a lot of time again but wanted to mention a few things.
I had an opportunity to go on exchanges with the AP's (Elders Schmidt & Bischoff), and it was really great ! They are very good missionaries and I learned a lot in the time that we had together.
One thing that President Anderson talked about in one of our meetings is the importance of our choices. So much revolves around the choices we make. It is up to us to make right choices and wrong choices. We cannot blame others for the choices we make. I pray that we all will make the choices that will make our Heavenly Father pleased. I am so grateful for this blessed calling that I have been given at this time in my life. I love you all !!!!!!!!!
Tell YaYa and Ben and Travis that i am sorry that I am sorry but won't be able to write them back until next week or maybe after since it will be transfers.

Elder Hathcock

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


side note from Tammie: I will be sending Brother Morgan $100! I have asked Tyler several times how his clothes are holding up and if he needs anything!
HAHAHAA !!!! they are so cute !!!! I miss them SO MUCH !!!

My suit pants finally ripped beyond repair and a member in Rye (bro Morgan) gave me 100 bucks to get one !!!!!!!!!!!!! I tried and tried to not accept but he insisted. It really touched my heart and was such a great act of kindness and love. So when I got here i got a new suit, it is really nice and Ive received a lot of compliments for it.

We had zone conference yesterday and it was awesome !!!! President Anderson asked that i conduct the meeting and that was fun. It was great to be able to present at zone conference and help with the progression of the mission.

I got a letter last week from the Handerhans in Rye and that was great !!!! I miss them a lot. Then guess who I got to see on Sunday?... The TRAILS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were in Denver for the weekend, finding Ashleigh a prom dress. So they were able to stop by at my ward. They all look great, and I loved seeing them even if it was only for an hour or so.

Love you all !!!!!!!!
Elder Hathcock

Monday, February 13, 2012


Finally !!!!! The computers here at the library have all been giving me trouble. So I don't have much time. To answer your question: Being a ZL (zone leader), you don't get as much sleep and you have to do a lot more paper work. Elder Rios and I do still get to teach, we just are trying to "find". We recently got a referral for a LA (less active) member and he has some what of a similar story as mine, so I am looking forward to meeting with him. I am enjoying being back in the city cause there are a lot more people and a lot more things to do. You get to be around a lot more missionaries too which is cool.
Oh ya, I got a V-Day card from aunt Kelly and she gave me 20 bucks !!!! It was so awesome !!!
The card was really sweet. Love my auntie !!!!
Hey Maa, tell Stacy that I am sending off her Valentines card today so it will be a little late. Elder Rios was pumped to hear that there was something in the package for him too. I am always tired. It is really starting to get frustrating. I have been working out regularly in the mornings too but
I still am not getting the energy I need. I pray that I am not anemic like you (no offense Maa).
Oh ya ... HAPPY VALENTINES DAY MAA !!!!!!!!! Love you so much !!!! Love you all !!!

Elder Hathcock
AkA "Soldier of God"

Monday, February 6, 2012


Hello everyone !!!!!!!!!! It has been a busy week ! I got some amazing news recently that an investigator I started teaching in Colby KS is getting baptized !!!! He was a really cool guy, who use to be in "Special forces" in the military. It made me so happy to hear that !!!
It has been a great blessing being able to work with so many missionaries and to be able to help them with their ministry. Elder Rios and I attempted another "food challenge" in town. It was a pizza place called "Fat Boys" and it is the "Gut Buster Challenge!" It is a ten pound pizza with two meat toppings. The APs (Assistants to the President) came for encouragement cause if you win you get $300!!! So we were determined. But.... we failed :[ I had one piece left and I BLEW CHUNKS !!!!! I was so disappointed in myself. Elder Rios had about 6 or 7 pieces left. It was my last time doing anymore challenges. I am retired. Its time to get back to my normal life !!! HAHA !!!
Well I hope all is well. The work is going forward! No unhallowed hand can stop it!!! I love you all !!!!!!!!! That is awesome that Racho is in Taekwando!!!
Elder Hathcock

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Aloha !!!!!!!! I have served around a few Hawaiian elders in the past little bit and they are making me fall in love with Hawaii. Elder Molina is the one who made me the "BOOMSHOT" shirt and he is a convert. His story is awesome, ill have to tell it someday. He is a very gifted artist.

And now, Elder Kahawaii is in my zone and he and another Elder Tanner serve in the same ward as Elder Rios and I. So we see them a lot. Elder Kahawaii is an awesome guy. He is from Oahu, and it is amazing there !!! The pictures Ive seen and the things I've heard sound like my kind of place. He told me I would fit right in there. He makes us rice all the time, its delicious !!!!!

So yesterday was my first day in a new ward and it was great !!! Bishop Robison came up to me before church started and asked if I would bare my testimony during sacrament meeting. So it was a good way for me to introduce myself to the whole ward.

I am really excited to be here. It was a little crazy at first being in a city again but it feels like home and I am really enjoying it. Some more responsibilities and more work but I am really enjoying having the opportunity to serve so many other missionaries. There is a pretty big Spanish district in our zone and they go to our same building. Elder Rios is a great guy and very good missionary. We have had some really good laughs already and are going to get along great. He has been in this area for a while now so I am a little bummed of the fact that he might not be here much longer. He is from San Antonio Texas !!!

Bruce R. McConkie's (I don't think I spelled that right) son is our stake president and is in our ward. I met his wife yesterday and she was very nice and gave a good firm hand shake. :] We have an investigator right now who has been an investigator for years. She is friends with the McConkies. We are feeling that it will not be long before she is ready for baptism. We had a great lesson with her last night.

OK, so I have a little story. There is this burger joint in the area that is very well known. Its called "Crave" and they have some very interesting/delicious burgers. One unique thing about it is the have a burger challenge called "The Three Little Pig" challenge. It is three HUGE burgers with a patty,ham.pulled pork, bacon, cheese, and fried onion straws !!! No missionary has been able to do it. You get 45 minutes to accomplish it. So after district meeting this week ... I TOOK THE CHALLENGE !!!! If you dont finish it, it cost 25 bucks !!!! So I went in there with the mind set that failure is not an option and I am a machine !!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAA !!!!! IT ... WAS ... SOOOOOOOO HARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe how tough it got at the end and the waitress didn't think I could do it !!!! ... BUT I DID !!!!!!!!!!!! With 2:16 left on the clock !!! I got a t-shirt and my picture taken to put on their wall. Only like 15 people have done it. I did it for my fellow brethren. It has brought many of them joy ! I am now a legend. HAHAHAAHAHA !!!!!! But I felt absolutely misserable afterwards !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would never do it again !!!!

HA !!! Well, love you all. I love that Bubbas loves to wrestle, i just knew he would !!! :] I can feel your pain Maa. I have tendinitis in my left hand and it is painful !!! Anyways, LOVE you all !!!!!!!!

Hope that was long enough for you Maa ;]

Tell Stacy I love her !!! Thanks

Elder Hathcock

AkA "Soldier of God"

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I am sorry Maa, but it is going to be another short letter. I am being transferred to the "Colorado Springs Zone" and I am going to be a zone leader. I am a little stressed but I know it will be a great new chapter in my mission. My companion (Elder Rios) is a really good missionary and I am pumped he will be my comp. It is really hard leaving Rye. I never thought it would be as hard leaving an area in my mission as it was to leave home. Its crazy !!! I got so much love from the members here, it really has brought me so much joy. I am also bummed that I will not be here for Tommys baptism, but he understands.

Love you all.

And Maa, you can send the letters to the mission office. :]

p.s. tell Stacy I LOVE HER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Hathcock

AkA "Soldier of God"

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Hello !!! Glad to hear all is well, I have been sick the past few days.

Tommy was not baptized, he was not ready so we are doing all we can to help him, he is a really great guy.

Tell Tara I got her letter and little Logan looks so cute !!! Love you Floff !!!

Please tell Judy Baca that I got her letter and it meant so much to me, and tell her i love her.

I will be getting transferred next week but don't know where yet.

The church is true !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you all !!!!!!

Elder Hathcock
AkA "Soldier of God"

BOOMSHOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012


GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING EVEYONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a beautiful day !!! About 40 degrees out right now and the sun is shining !!!

We decided to have Tommy's baptism this Sunday after stake conference. It will be great cause there is a "new member" fireside prior to stake conference and that will be great for him to go to. He was really sick yesterday and couldn't come to church. We went by and saw him and gave him a blessing. He is doing great though !!!!! He has such a strong testimony of the restored gospel. He is reading the Book of Mormon everyday and praying and he says he feels his faith getting stronger and stronger !!!

There was a baptism service this past Saturday and Tommy came. One of the Benz families little boys (Brock) was baptized as well as little Sierra Porter (our relative). It was really cool cause i got to meet some more of our relatives ! I met two of Virgils daughters (Jolee and Kathleen). It was great cause Kathleen turned to her husband and said, "This is FBI Bens son." HAHAHA !!!!!

It was cool too cause brother and sister Benz asked Elder Chaput and I if we would be the " witness' " and also stand in on the confirmation ! I love the Benz family, it is going to be hard to leave those kids of theirs someday. I love being a missionary !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope everyone is doing well, I love you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved the Christmas stuff Maa !!! I forgot to tell you how much I loved it all ! The cd is great !!! And yes, I got the electric shaver and it is really nice !!!!!!!!!!!! I am writing Stacy today about it. Tell Pop that I did get his letter and it was totally inspired because that day in our District Meeting we discussed ch. 8 of Preach My Gospel and it was awesome !!!! Love you Pop !!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Hathcock

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am pumped about this year that lies ahead !!!!!! So many goals and things to accomplish !!!!!

Tommy came to church yesterday and had a GLORIOUS experience !!!!! It was amazing cause he shared an experience in our class of when we first came across him. He was walking from some apartments and we approached him and i talked to him. I asked if we could come by his home in the near future to share a message and he was hesitant at first but then agreed. He went on to tell us that he was going to decline at first but then something told him to say yes. He was on his way to get ahold of an old "friend" to get him a ride to Florida which would have put him back in a bad situation that he didnt want to be in. After we had met him he called the "friend " and told him nevermind. He went on to say how happy he is that he did that cause he has been praying a lot and reading the Book of Mormon and he keeps having really good feelings about everything. It strengthened my testimony so much of how the Lord puts us in places where we need to be, to be instruments in his hands. The Holy Ghost was what Tommy had telling him to meet with us and now he is preparing to be baptized this Saturday. His humility has brought him to where he is today and now he is taking the first step to coming closer to our Savior. Then preparing himself to enter the Lords holy temple someday.

I was so grateful for the opportunity/blessing I had to go to the Denver Temple on the 28th of December. It was a great reminder of the covenants I have made and also where i want those who I help find the truth of the gospel, prepare to enter. It helped me keep my focus on "the eternal perspective." I testify that our Father in Heaven lives and loves us all and that his son Jesus Christ is our savior and redeemer. The Holy Ghost is what testifies of these truths to us. Knowing these things have changed my life and continue to change my life for the better. You cannot compare this kind of happiness with anything else.

I pray that all of you have a blessed new year. I LOVE you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Hathcock