Monday, June 11, 2012


Good Morning !!! It has been a great week !!!!! We had a group of missionaries who hit their halfway mark on their missions. In our mission we have them all come together and have, what we call a "Temple Jubilee." We take them to the temple for the day. It was a great group of missionaries. I was very grateful for the opportunity that I had to attend the temple. We were able to do baptisms and confirmations, as well as an endowment session. There is no better place to experience the Spirit of God than in the temple. I feel so blessed to be able to go in such a holy place. After the temple, we headed to the mission home for supper. It was a delicious ham dinner that Sister Anderson prepared. Then we watched a really cool video on the temple, specifically about the symbolism of the temple. It was a glorious experience ! We were able to teach Jerry about the "Plan of Salvation" and afterwards he knew it was Gods plan. The spirit was so strong !! We are still trying to help him figure out what day he should be baptized. Its tough because his schedule is always changing. He is in the ARMY and has a lot going on right now. He is coming to church again today so we are pumped to see him there. I have been so busy but I need to write Nancy soon. I sure do miss her and Luli. I heard she is doing great, so that's good. I hope YaYa had a glorious birthday yesterday ! Hopefully she was able to get work off and do something fun with Bunjamin. :] We have some "Specialized Training" that we are doing all this week in the various zones of the mission. So we are leaving for Kansas right after church today and starting tomorrow. Busy and tiring week ahead, but I feel bad even saying that cause poor President Anderson never gets any sleep. He is a machine !!! I love you all and am so grateful for each of you everyday of my life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PS: I'm sure you heard about Stacy's plans. Isn't it awesome ?!!! The blessings of serving the Lord, its amazing !!!
p.s.s. I did read the thing about the video for the AP camp but I honestly don't know when I would be able to. I would really like to do it but I dont know. :[ Also, if you could ask Stacy if she is still sending me that other camera sd card I would really appreciate it. I need one so I can take pictures.
Love, Elder Hathcock

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