Monday, February 27, 2012


I Don't have a lot of time again but wanted to mention a few things.
I had an opportunity to go on exchanges with the AP's (Elders Schmidt & Bischoff), and it was really great ! They are very good missionaries and I learned a lot in the time that we had together.
One thing that President Anderson talked about in one of our meetings is the importance of our choices. So much revolves around the choices we make. It is up to us to make right choices and wrong choices. We cannot blame others for the choices we make. I pray that we all will make the choices that will make our Heavenly Father pleased. I am so grateful for this blessed calling that I have been given at this time in my life. I love you all !!!!!!!!!
Tell YaYa and Ben and Travis that i am sorry that I am sorry but won't be able to write them back until next week or maybe after since it will be transfers.

Elder Hathcock

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


side note from Tammie: I will be sending Brother Morgan $100! I have asked Tyler several times how his clothes are holding up and if he needs anything!
HAHAHAA !!!! they are so cute !!!! I miss them SO MUCH !!!

My suit pants finally ripped beyond repair and a member in Rye (bro Morgan) gave me 100 bucks to get one !!!!!!!!!!!!! I tried and tried to not accept but he insisted. It really touched my heart and was such a great act of kindness and love. So when I got here i got a new suit, it is really nice and Ive received a lot of compliments for it.

We had zone conference yesterday and it was awesome !!!! President Anderson asked that i conduct the meeting and that was fun. It was great to be able to present at zone conference and help with the progression of the mission.

I got a letter last week from the Handerhans in Rye and that was great !!!! I miss them a lot. Then guess who I got to see on Sunday?... The TRAILS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were in Denver for the weekend, finding Ashleigh a prom dress. So they were able to stop by at my ward. They all look great, and I loved seeing them even if it was only for an hour or so.

Love you all !!!!!!!!
Elder Hathcock

Monday, February 13, 2012


Finally !!!!! The computers here at the library have all been giving me trouble. So I don't have much time. To answer your question: Being a ZL (zone leader), you don't get as much sleep and you have to do a lot more paper work. Elder Rios and I do still get to teach, we just are trying to "find". We recently got a referral for a LA (less active) member and he has some what of a similar story as mine, so I am looking forward to meeting with him. I am enjoying being back in the city cause there are a lot more people and a lot more things to do. You get to be around a lot more missionaries too which is cool.
Oh ya, I got a V-Day card from aunt Kelly and she gave me 20 bucks !!!! It was so awesome !!!
The card was really sweet. Love my auntie !!!!
Hey Maa, tell Stacy that I am sending off her Valentines card today so it will be a little late. Elder Rios was pumped to hear that there was something in the package for him too. I am always tired. It is really starting to get frustrating. I have been working out regularly in the mornings too but
I still am not getting the energy I need. I pray that I am not anemic like you (no offense Maa).
Oh ya ... HAPPY VALENTINES DAY MAA !!!!!!!!! Love you so much !!!! Love you all !!!

Elder Hathcock
AkA "Soldier of God"

Monday, February 6, 2012


Hello everyone !!!!!!!!!! It has been a busy week ! I got some amazing news recently that an investigator I started teaching in Colby KS is getting baptized !!!! He was a really cool guy, who use to be in "Special forces" in the military. It made me so happy to hear that !!!
It has been a great blessing being able to work with so many missionaries and to be able to help them with their ministry. Elder Rios and I attempted another "food challenge" in town. It was a pizza place called "Fat Boys" and it is the "Gut Buster Challenge!" It is a ten pound pizza with two meat toppings. The APs (Assistants to the President) came for encouragement cause if you win you get $300!!! So we were determined. But.... we failed :[ I had one piece left and I BLEW CHUNKS !!!!! I was so disappointed in myself. Elder Rios had about 6 or 7 pieces left. It was my last time doing anymore challenges. I am retired. Its time to get back to my normal life !!! HAHA !!!
Well I hope all is well. The work is going forward! No unhallowed hand can stop it!!! I love you all !!!!!!!!! That is awesome that Racho is in Taekwando!!!
Elder Hathcock