Tuesday, February 21, 2012


side note from Tammie: I will be sending Brother Morgan $100! I have asked Tyler several times how his clothes are holding up and if he needs anything!
HAHAHAA !!!! they are so cute !!!! I miss them SO MUCH !!!

My suit pants finally ripped beyond repair and a member in Rye (bro Morgan) gave me 100 bucks to get one !!!!!!!!!!!!! I tried and tried to not accept but he insisted. It really touched my heart and was such a great act of kindness and love. So when I got here i got a new suit, it is really nice and Ive received a lot of compliments for it.

We had zone conference yesterday and it was awesome !!!! President Anderson asked that i conduct the meeting and that was fun. It was great to be able to present at zone conference and help with the progression of the mission.

I got a letter last week from the Handerhans in Rye and that was great !!!! I miss them a lot. Then guess who I got to see on Sunday?... The TRAILS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were in Denver for the weekend, finding Ashleigh a prom dress. So they were able to stop by at my ward. They all look great, and I loved seeing them even if it was only for an hour or so.

Love you all !!!!!!!!
Elder Hathcock

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  1. Tyler is talking about his nephew Aidan and his niece Brooklynn when he starts out this email--in case you were wondering!