Monday, February 27, 2012


I Don't have a lot of time again but wanted to mention a few things.
I had an opportunity to go on exchanges with the AP's (Elders Schmidt & Bischoff), and it was really great ! They are very good missionaries and I learned a lot in the time that we had together.
One thing that President Anderson talked about in one of our meetings is the importance of our choices. So much revolves around the choices we make. It is up to us to make right choices and wrong choices. We cannot blame others for the choices we make. I pray that we all will make the choices that will make our Heavenly Father pleased. I am so grateful for this blessed calling that I have been given at this time in my life. I love you all !!!!!!!!!
Tell YaYa and Ben and Travis that i am sorry that I am sorry but won't be able to write them back until next week or maybe after since it will be transfers.

Elder Hathcock

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