Monday, February 28, 2011


Things are going great !!!! Miracles are happening like crazy here in Colby !!!! Elder Andersen and I are constantly thanking the Lord for the opportunities and blessings that have been coming our way. The Trail girls were confirmed yesterday and we had 3 investigators at church !!! My testimony grows stronger every ... MINUTE !!! HAHA That is so good to here about Bubbas !!! I miss him like crazy ! That is so good to here that Stacy and Rachel joined you for dinner with the missionaries. Stacy sent me a package with some picture... ORANGE HAIR !!!!!!!!!!!!! What is she thinking ?!!! HAHAHAHAHAA I love her to death !!!!! I love hearing how good she is doing. That is so sweet to hear that Pops is Pats new home teacher !!! I miss Patrish !!!! :] I miss Stacy and our fam a lot, but it also helps me work hard. Elder Andersen really makes me feel good cause I always feel like I am not progressing as I teach but he always says how much it blows his mind how I pick up on things and how much I have grown and progressed in such a short period of time. It makes me feel great and gives me confidence but I remain humble. :] I am always so grateful to the lord for allowing me to serve him at this time in my life, it has been such an honor and blessing. I am constantly reminded of how blessed I have been, to have been taught by goodly parents, who have loved me unconditionally through all the nonsense I have put them through. Thank you so much Maa and Paa, I wouldn't be here right now without you. The church is true and has the authority to act in Gods name !!! There is a prophet of God on the earth today and apostles that lead us in righteousness for the coming of our savior.

P.s. I can't think of anything I want in the package besides some pictures of Brooklynn :]
Elder Andersen likes me to do the cooking cause I cook up some grub but sometimes we just do our own. I'll try to send more pictures but it cost money to print them up

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I'm staying in COLBY !!!! Elder Andersen and I are staying together too ! I am pumped cause there are a lot of miracles happening here in Colby and it is such a blessing to be apart of it. The Trail girls were baptized on Sunday !!!!!!!!!! And Billy received the the gift of the Holy Ghost !!!! We tripled young women's on Sunday ! :] The branch is growing as well as the unity and love within it. We have been teaching pretty consistently lately and things are going great ! Except another snow storm is suppose to be coming in soon !!!!! DANG IT !!!! Tell bro Hernandez thanks for the e-mail !!! That's awesome that Carli is going to girls camp with Racho ! I hope they get on the same soccer team too ! That would be sweet if Ben got the job in Ca. I have been really impressed by the sunsets here in KS, they are beautiful !!!! I pray for you all everyday and am thankful for all your prayers and support ! My testimony grows stronger and stronger everyday !!! We all need to be thankful to have church buildings so close to home, out here that luxury is not available and its hard for people out of town to make it to church. But those who do are blessed, I have seen it !

Love, Elder Hathcock

Monday, February 14, 2011


Billy's baptism was awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elder Andersen and I were so bummed because we forgot to take a picture with him and brother Overbay ! I guess we'll just get one with them next Sunday. Aunt Kelly sent me a Valentine with Grandma Suzie's dress pieces in a bag with a memorable scent, it was awesome ! Thanks Aunt Kelly ! Aunt Terrie sent me a really sweet card, thanks Aunt Terrie ! It was 67 degrees yesterday, it was gloooorious !!!! Today is nice too. Things are going good, we are trying to find others who are prepared to receive the Gospel. We went and shoveled snow for members the other day and boy oh boy was I sore the next day, its no joke shoveling snow ! HA Transfers are at the end of this week, I am pretty sure I am staying here for at least one more transfer but just in case make sure no one sends me a letter this week cause some other missionaries will be getting it. Racho I loved my Valentine card !!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much, I love you so so so much !!! I loved the funny pictures of ZoZo. But I would like a pretty one of her please :] hahaha keep working harder in school, its important ! ;] That thing with Jackson is hilarious !!!! Congrats to Lance and Brittney !!!! I miss Bubbas and Bkua so much !!!!!! That's so funny what Aidan does ! Make sure he doesn't forget me !!!! :] Ive got a couple of funny stories but they would take too long and aren't as funny unless I tell them so ... you'll just have to wait until I talk to you on mothers day. The branch is doing good and we are trying to help it grow. My faith is tried everyday but it also grows everyday !!! Elder Andersen and I are getting a kick out of saying "I'll be dawg gawn" when we talk with people. Eldon (an older investigator) always says it when he hears something he likes or thinks is amazing. So we love using it ! HAHAA Some lousy Mexican restaurant we ate at the other night made me sick and I was puking the whole next morning but I toughed it out and we hit the pavement that day for a while. Sometimes I kind of laugh and can't believe I am actually a missionary, and I thank the Lord and love being one !!! The persecutions continue but that's not stopping me !!!! This is the most important message anyone will ever hear and I know that to be true. Love you all and miss you all very much !!!!!!!! Thank you for your prayers and support !
P.s. Heath! I got both your letters, thank you so much ! The fam is in my prayers and sorry I haven't wrote back, I have been busy !!! Love you

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Hey !!!! First off, it is Mosiah 1:17 !!! I'm glad you got the pics !!! Ya Ana sent me some pictures too and they are so funny !!!!! I swear his hair is darker, I miss him so much !!!!! We eat dinners with members about 2 to 3 times a week. Its cool cause we get to make dinner too, plus its a small branch so its kind of hard. No I haven't got a helmet yet but I'm buying one today. I will take a picture for you. That is so cool that Ben and Yaya might live with you for the summer !!! I forgot to tell Ben how cool it is that he is planning on starting his own business ! That is so awesome that Jojo is trying to get a job like that, he is perfect for the job !!! I hope and pray he gets it ! A new calling huh Maa ?!! That's cool ! Goldie is doing great !!!! Everyone has made her feel very welcomed and her kids are behaving better at church, its so sweet !!! Eldon is having trouble making it to church. We get to his house Sunday morning and he is chilling in his Pj's !!! Were like "Come on Eldon, lets roll !!!" hahaha so its kind of tough. But Billy is doing great !!! He is understanding everything really well and has been praying and coming to church and is totally becoming a whole new man !!!! Its so cool to see the happiness he has been experiencing !!! He just got a new job too ! He is getting baptized this Sunday !!!!!! WOO HOO !!!! :] The other real cool thing is we have been teaching a part member family ( the Trail's) Sister Trail is such an awesome lady !!! She is so kind and always has a good attitude ! She has 4 daughters and only one has been baptized (Katara). The two who we are teaching are Alexis(12 yrs old and Ashly (15). They are such sweet girls and have really been understanding the message really well !!! They both are being baptized on the 20 th !!!!!! YAAAAAA They both came to church last Sunday and so did sister Trail !!!! I think it has been a long time she had been but you could see it in her face how happy she was to be back at church. She has such a strong testimony of the 1st vision and of Joseph Smith being a prophet, it is so cool to see !!!! I love helping others find the happiness they have been looking for and to help Gods children be baptized and then receive the gift of the Holy Ghost to guide and direct them in their lives. I couldn't write you until today cause we had Zone conference yesterday and it was AWESOME !!!!! Its so amazing how God has blessed me to be able to stay focused for about 8 hrs straight to learn more. I would have never been able to do that in the past. I got my Valentines day card yesterday !!!!!!!!! Thank you so much !!! I was laughing so hard at what Pops wrote ! Elder Andersen was so pumped that you got him a letter and half the Snickers haha he told me to thank you today, he really appreciated it. Thank you for yours too Racho !!!! I was waiting to open yours and Stacy's today !!! :] That is so awesome that Stace is gonna go to the reunion if she can !!!! I love her and miss her so much but know we have eternity with each other ! :] I can't wait to get some pictures of BKUA !!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss her so much !!!!!!!!!!!

Well gotta go ! Love you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!