Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I'm staying in COLBY !!!! Elder Andersen and I are staying together too ! I am pumped cause there are a lot of miracles happening here in Colby and it is such a blessing to be apart of it. The Trail girls were baptized on Sunday !!!!!!!!!! And Billy received the the gift of the Holy Ghost !!!! We tripled young women's on Sunday ! :] The branch is growing as well as the unity and love within it. We have been teaching pretty consistently lately and things are going great ! Except another snow storm is suppose to be coming in soon !!!!! DANG IT !!!! Tell bro Hernandez thanks for the e-mail !!! That's awesome that Carli is going to girls camp with Racho ! I hope they get on the same soccer team too ! That would be sweet if Ben got the job in Ca. I have been really impressed by the sunsets here in KS, they are beautiful !!!! I pray for you all everyday and am thankful for all your prayers and support ! My testimony grows stronger and stronger everyday !!! We all need to be thankful to have church buildings so close to home, out here that luxury is not available and its hard for people out of town to make it to church. But those who do are blessed, I have seen it !

Love, Elder Hathcock

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