Monday, February 14, 2011


Billy's baptism was awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elder Andersen and I were so bummed because we forgot to take a picture with him and brother Overbay ! I guess we'll just get one with them next Sunday. Aunt Kelly sent me a Valentine with Grandma Suzie's dress pieces in a bag with a memorable scent, it was awesome ! Thanks Aunt Kelly ! Aunt Terrie sent me a really sweet card, thanks Aunt Terrie ! It was 67 degrees yesterday, it was gloooorious !!!! Today is nice too. Things are going good, we are trying to find others who are prepared to receive the Gospel. We went and shoveled snow for members the other day and boy oh boy was I sore the next day, its no joke shoveling snow ! HA Transfers are at the end of this week, I am pretty sure I am staying here for at least one more transfer but just in case make sure no one sends me a letter this week cause some other missionaries will be getting it. Racho I loved my Valentine card !!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much, I love you so so so much !!! I loved the funny pictures of ZoZo. But I would like a pretty one of her please :] hahaha keep working harder in school, its important ! ;] That thing with Jackson is hilarious !!!! Congrats to Lance and Brittney !!!! I miss Bubbas and Bkua so much !!!!!! That's so funny what Aidan does ! Make sure he doesn't forget me !!!! :] Ive got a couple of funny stories but they would take too long and aren't as funny unless I tell them so ... you'll just have to wait until I talk to you on mothers day. The branch is doing good and we are trying to help it grow. My faith is tried everyday but it also grows everyday !!! Elder Andersen and I are getting a kick out of saying "I'll be dawg gawn" when we talk with people. Eldon (an older investigator) always says it when he hears something he likes or thinks is amazing. So we love using it ! HAHAA Some lousy Mexican restaurant we ate at the other night made me sick and I was puking the whole next morning but I toughed it out and we hit the pavement that day for a while. Sometimes I kind of laugh and can't believe I am actually a missionary, and I thank the Lord and love being one !!! The persecutions continue but that's not stopping me !!!! This is the most important message anyone will ever hear and I know that to be true. Love you all and miss you all very much !!!!!!!! Thank you for your prayers and support !
P.s. Heath! I got both your letters, thank you so much ! The fam is in my prayers and sorry I haven't wrote back, I have been busy !!! Love you

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