Monday, February 28, 2011


Things are going great !!!! Miracles are happening like crazy here in Colby !!!! Elder Andersen and I are constantly thanking the Lord for the opportunities and blessings that have been coming our way. The Trail girls were confirmed yesterday and we had 3 investigators at church !!! My testimony grows stronger every ... MINUTE !!! HAHA That is so good to here about Bubbas !!! I miss him like crazy ! That is so good to here that Stacy and Rachel joined you for dinner with the missionaries. Stacy sent me a package with some picture... ORANGE HAIR !!!!!!!!!!!!! What is she thinking ?!!! HAHAHAHAHAA I love her to death !!!!! I love hearing how good she is doing. That is so sweet to hear that Pops is Pats new home teacher !!! I miss Patrish !!!! :] I miss Stacy and our fam a lot, but it also helps me work hard. Elder Andersen really makes me feel good cause I always feel like I am not progressing as I teach but he always says how much it blows his mind how I pick up on things and how much I have grown and progressed in such a short period of time. It makes me feel great and gives me confidence but I remain humble. :] I am always so grateful to the lord for allowing me to serve him at this time in my life, it has been such an honor and blessing. I am constantly reminded of how blessed I have been, to have been taught by goodly parents, who have loved me unconditionally through all the nonsense I have put them through. Thank you so much Maa and Paa, I wouldn't be here right now without you. The church is true and has the authority to act in Gods name !!! There is a prophet of God on the earth today and apostles that lead us in righteousness for the coming of our savior.

P.s. I can't think of anything I want in the package besides some pictures of Brooklynn :]
Elder Andersen likes me to do the cooking cause I cook up some grub but sometimes we just do our own. I'll try to send more pictures but it cost money to print them up

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