Monday, March 7, 2011


Sounded like everyone had a great time that weekend ! I miss you all !!!!! Before I forget, can you spread the word to everyone and Stacy to send everything to the Colorado mission address from now on just so there is never any mix up or mail that I don't get, thanks ! We had stake conference yesterday and it was really good, we were a little bummed out because we couldn't get rides there for any of our investigators. :[ Its ok though, were gonna keep our faith in the Lord. Stake conference was really good, they talked about the importance of temple work, the relationship between family members, being honest and true in all that we do ! It wasn't very many people for a stake conference, very different to see. Hopefully the weather will stay warmer here pretty soon cause I am sick of the COLD !!!! We also had a special meeting in Garden City Saturday and I got a lot out of it. President and Sister Pfile are so awesome ! I am realizing how crucial effective planning is in our work, we are going to do better in that department. The importance of showing LOVE for everyone was really focused on and I feel so blessed from the Lord in giving me the gift to be able to show that love and I don't ever want to lose it ! God is love, that's what it comes down to. The ups and downs are hard in the mission but I really liked what was said in our meeting and it really strengthened me. Sister Pfile bore her testimony and said how important it is to get through those tough times and keep having faith and pressing forward cause she wouldn't be where she is today as a member of the church if those missionaries didn't GIVE UP and she told us to "NEVER GIVE UP!" Then President Pfile said "We are fighting in the toughest battle... but at least we know the outcome." That is so true and gives me the strength to press forward !!!!! We must never let our faith be shaken, I know the church is true and no matter what happens my faith will be in the Lord.
Love you all

P.s. that's hilarious that Pops got stuck in the elevator HAHAHAHHAA

P.p.s Thanks Kimmy for the other letter !!! Love you sis

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