Wednesday, March 16, 2011


WOW !!! Canada huh? That's awesome !!!! Congrats Ben !!! Dad has pre cancer cells on his face ? That sucks, but that's pretty funny about his cheeks being bright red. I got an awesome package from JoJo and Kbua, with the cutest pictures of Bkua !!!! I love and miss her, she is so precious !!!! We didn't get P-day until today because I had to go to Co Springs for a meeting. It was exhausting but really, really great !!! It helped me get motivated and really focus on my purpose. It helped me get my focus back on what my whole purpose is centered around and what helped me gain my testimony of the Gospel ... THE ATONEMENT !!!! I learned a lot and am so grateful for President and Sister Pfile. It was also really cool cause I got to see everyone of the Elders I came out with, except for one. Also one of the Sisters I came out with. I was blown away at the change/growth that already took place in my MTC companion (Elder Willis) it was amazing and so cool !!! As well as the rest of the missionaries I came out with. It was a great experience. Baptism is necessary for us to return to our Father in heaven and we are so blessed to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost to be with us always when we enter into the covenant of baptism. As members of the church we are all missionaries and we need to remember that. I have been learning so much through the Book of Mormon, it gives me so much strength and happiness. I love you all and am always grateful for your prayers and support. I keep you all in my prayers daily ! I love being a soldier of God !!!!

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