Thursday, December 30, 2010


HELLO !!!!!!! Christmas was very memorable!!!! Elder Russell M. Nelson of the 12 came and spoke to us Christmas Day and in Priesthood the next day !!!! He is such an intelligent man. And so wise in scripture and the Hebrew meanings of words. He broke down the Abrahamic covenant really well and it was awesome !!! It was very powerful at the end of his talk when as he said "I leave a blessing upon you all, that you will help others to come unto Christ and that your families will be blessed" ... and he said some more things but I can’t remember at the moment but right when he said "I leave a blessing upon you all" It was amazing the spirit that overcame me at that moment ! It was like a wave hit me !!! I asked other missionaries if the experienced the same feelings and they did !!!!! So awesome !!! He is truly a man of God, and I felt so privileged to hear from him. I got the cinnamon buns Maa !!! My district loved them ! I loved the pictures, especially of Grandma Sue and I totally have felt the same way that you have Maa. I know Grandma Sue is with me. I’m so happy that Stacy was able to spend Christmas Eve with you all. That’s so great !!! Love you Toots and will be sending you a letter. JoJo and Kristyns Christmas card was SOOOOOO cute of Brooklynn !!!!!!!!! I can’t stop looking at it and the letters of Bubbas was so great Ana, I love them !!!!!! Thanks Trav and Ana for your letters, they mean a lot !!! There is not enough time to e-mail here at the MTC. So I apologize for not sending much. I got a Christmas letter from the Langs, Kyle Cook and his family, and Heather Parker sent me a really sweet Christmas card. I love you all and hope you have a ... HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE Elder Hathcock

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Dear Stace,
Christmas was really memorable. Elder Russell M. Nelson came and spoke to us and it. was. amazing!!!! i wrote more about it in my email to my maa. but it was such a blessing... he is truly a man of God, NO DOUBT! Yesterday was a rough day I was sick and it just put a real damper on my mood. I am doing better now, p-day always comes around at just the right time. Anyways, let me tell you about my Christmas Eve they let us watch "Mr. Krueger's Christmas"!!! HAHAHA!!! It was great and they passed out the Christmas popcorn you love to make. :) so then that night we all take our mattresses out and put them all in the other elder's room and put sheets above us from buck bed to bunk bed so it was like a tent. so all the elders from my district were all slumbering together. HAHA it was fun. this is the best part though: so we were all sleeping and Elder Smith was laying next to me and I must have had a dream that I was petting Zoey because i woke up and I'm petting elder smith's thigh thinking it's Zoey!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! The blanket he had totally felt like Zoey's fur! I just chuckled to myself and turned over and went back to sleep. but i will admit... it made me kinda sad too it miss zozos!!! So then we wake up and go to breakfast Christmas day and then we head to the talent show.... which elder martinson and i were in!!!! HAHAHA it was great! everybody loved it! There were so many acts though! we were number 6 of about 48. it was nice to get ours out of the way. then that night they had like two actors do a reading/acting out of "the Christmas carol" and it was really really good. then we heard from elder nelson and it was awesome! i think i know why the Lord didn't send me to a foreign mission now.... cause I'm already getting a little bit of cabin fever! so i love the MTC but i am feeling a little confined. but over all I'm doing good. the district is still all getting along great and its been nice. We don't get enough time to email here... 30 minutes doesn't cut it. my email to my maa today got cut off cause my 30 minutes was up. it made me so mad cause i was getting ready to send it! but one of the Elders told me that it saves it and i can go to the main building here and they will let me have a few more minutes to finish. its hard cause i can't respond to everyone's email and i feel bad! so just know that you will probably not be getting an email from me while i am at the MTC. Everyone LOVED my Christmas jammies by the way! and i'm actually not the fart king!!! ever since i stopped overeating i haven't been farting so much, but some of those other Elders do and it is annoying! HAHAHA!!! I miss widdle bwookwynn sooo much, and bubbas too!!!! her little smile in the Christmas card is so cute!!!
I love you,
Elder Hathcock

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Dear Stacy,
I have so much to say i don't know what to do with myself!! i guess i'll start by answering your questions in your letter. I'm sorry to hear that you are sick! first off, YES! i have already made life friends. my district is seriously so, so, so GREAT! my companion is of course a tiny little guy. he walks in, has tiny glasses , and looks like he has jaundice for crying out loud! HAHAHA We introduced ourselves. he has the perfect voice for the character that he is. its kinda raspy, its great! anyways, his name is elder willis and he is a farm boy from Hyder, Arizona. Worked on a farm all his life, he is 22 years old and his little brother is here at the MTC at the same time! so cool! i love this guy, he cracks me up all day and he has a very sweet and simple but powerful testimony. He was a wrestler in high school so that was another reason to love him! :) he wrestled at 103 lbs and never was pinned his whole wrestling career! he loves telling me that again and again. HAHA i love him and am so glad he is my companion. My whole district (class) are all going to my mission!!! it is so awesome! there are 12 of us total and 4 of them are sisters and they are awesome gals. all the rest are good guys, 3 of them are from CA which is really cool. Elder Martinson and Cumings are the two in my room with me and my comp. Elder Martinson is a funny kid! looks like kevin bacon when he smiles with those squinty eyes and acts like jim carrey.
The first day here was really tough for me. Satan was working on me overtime!! i wasn't sure if i wanted to do this anymore. but LaRee had a letter from ben that she was instructed to tell me not to open until at night before bed. Ben saved my mission... I am dead serious. I owe him everything for that. the things he wrote in that letter were exactly the things i needed to hear, it was a long letter too. i love that guy and can't wait to thank him personally some day. i am doing great now. i was called to be the district leader after we all bore our testimonies to our branch presidency. i was a little stressed at fist about the calling but knew that was what the Lord wanted me to do. It has been a great opportunity for me to lead and show love toward my district... and lucky for me they all really love me and respect me which makes things really pleasant. i can't explain the special spirit that's here at the MTC, Stace. It's so incredible. All of God's soldiers preparing to invite others to come unto Christ under the same facility. I keep trying to remind myself to soak in this experience here because i will never have it again. the Lord has truly blessed me as a missionary. it really blows my mind. i have learned that teaching by the spirit is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing for me to do. The way that i know what to say and the manner that i am able to each can only be of God. My district and teachers make me feel so good cause they say how awesome i am and how strong the spirit is with me. I brought Sister Sedgewick to tears during role plays and she told me how powerful the spirit was when i testified to her. Being in tune with the spirit so often is an amazing and exhausting experience. I love it though! our district president, President Lafferty, told me I am going to be a great missionary. It made me feel so humbled and blessed to know that i am being an instrument for my Savior that God has prepared me to be. I cannot wait to get into the mission field!!! But i still have a lot to learn. my teachers are both great guys and excellent teachers. You would be so proud of me! I haven't been over eating since I've been here!!! only on helping at every meal! aren't you proud?!?!?! The food is pretty good too but elder willis calls it puppy chow HAHAHA! funniest little guy ever just by being himself. Its so funny because we all feel like we've been here forever!!! some elders are getting bummed out because they haven't received any packages or letters yet but i keep reminding them that it hasn't felt like we've been gone long at all to our families. oh yeah, they are having talent show on Christmas day and tryouts were yesterday and elder martinson and i were messing around one day (i was singing Elvis' "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas") and elder martinson would after every verse sing something really funny in a high voice, he begged me to do that with him and to try out for the talent show... so i agreed! :) try outs were yesterday and i talked like elvis and thanked the MTC for letting The King come perform today. HAHA it was great and everyone liked it but not sure we will get an invite but we will find out Thursday. Sis Sedgewick has a good voice and she sang a jazzy song and was told she would be in it for sure. I was happy for her, but ours is so good! but we'll see. i hope all is well back home. I got two packages yesterday and they are pretty big but i have no idea who they are from... but I'm waiting to open them Christmas day so i have something to open. :) i hope you get this letter by Christmas. I want to wish you a very merry cherry cherry Christmas. Remember to make the best of it and remember the true meaning of Christmas. I love you!
p.s. its been snowing here and it feels soooo good. HAHA but my little companion is always freezing; he says he is a desert rat and not meant to be in cold climates. HAHAHA! so you called it toots. i am hanging out in my shirt and b-ball shorts here on my p-day :) it blows everyone's minds!


Hi !!!! First off I just want to reference to Maa Paa ( 1 Nephi 8:37) I am so sorry for not being obedient ! I love you both so much and am so grateful for your love and support to me all my life. I want to start out by thanking Ben Poole... He saved my mission. The first day Satan was working really hard on me and I wasn't sure if I wanted to go through with this anymore. Ben gave LaRee specific instructions to tell me not to open the letter until that night. He said exactly what I needed to hear. I owe him everything for that. I am thankful for him in my life and love him. I can't wait to thank him personally some day. But I am doing great now !!! :] I have an awesome companion. He is this little farm boy from Hyder Arizona. He is such a character !!! Im always wishing that Jordan could see how this guy is, Jojo would get a kick out of him. He is a really good guys and has a simple but powerful testimony of the Gospel. I can't wait to send pictures ! He also wrestled in high school which was another reason to love him !!! haha We get along great ! There are 12 missionaries in my district. Four of which are Sister missionaries and they are such a blessing. We are all going to the same mission !!!!! It is so cool !!! Our branch presidency is awesome too and the second day here we had a testimony meeting and interviews with President Lafferty afterwards where I was then asked to be called as the district leader ! I was really stressed at 1st but then knew that I was called by the Lord for this opportunity to serve and be a leader and show love to all my district. I am really lucky though, because they are all great people and we all get along great ! They all love and respect me which makes me feel good knowing that they trust me. 3 of the missionaries are from Ca which is cool. One really funny kid named Elder Martinson who is from Houston. He looks like Kevin Bacon and acts like Jim Carrey !!! Haha He begged me to tryout for the Christmas talent show with him so I did. I'll tell you more about it some other time. The spirit here is amazing and I have quickly learned that teaching by the spirit is key !!! Its amazing the way I am able to teach and the things I remember, it can only be of God !! I have received so many great compliments and it makes me feel really good. I love being a soldier of God and can't wait to get to Colorado !!!! I love you all and I did get 2 packages but don't know who from. But I am waiting to open them on Christmas !!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know this experience here is going to be unlike any other time in my life and am trying to soak it all in. I love my savior and am grateful for him allowing me to serve him at this time in my life !!
P.s. I leave the MTC on January 10 and my P-Days are on Wednesdays
p.p.s Stacy I love you and wrote you a letter cause its too long !!! BYE