Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Dear Stace,
Christmas was really memorable. Elder Russell M. Nelson came and spoke to us and it. was. amazing!!!! i wrote more about it in my email to my maa. but it was such a blessing... he is truly a man of God, NO DOUBT! Yesterday was a rough day I was sick and it just put a real damper on my mood. I am doing better now, p-day always comes around at just the right time. Anyways, let me tell you about my Christmas Eve they let us watch "Mr. Krueger's Christmas"!!! HAHAHA!!! It was great and they passed out the Christmas popcorn you love to make. :) so then that night we all take our mattresses out and put them all in the other elder's room and put sheets above us from buck bed to bunk bed so it was like a tent. so all the elders from my district were all slumbering together. HAHA it was fun. this is the best part though: so we were all sleeping and Elder Smith was laying next to me and I must have had a dream that I was petting Zoey because i woke up and I'm petting elder smith's thigh thinking it's Zoey!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! The blanket he had totally felt like Zoey's fur! I just chuckled to myself and turned over and went back to sleep. but i will admit... it made me kinda sad too it miss zozos!!! So then we wake up and go to breakfast Christmas day and then we head to the talent show.... which elder martinson and i were in!!!! HAHAHA it was great! everybody loved it! There were so many acts though! we were number 6 of about 48. it was nice to get ours out of the way. then that night they had like two actors do a reading/acting out of "the Christmas carol" and it was really really good. then we heard from elder nelson and it was awesome! i think i know why the Lord didn't send me to a foreign mission now.... cause I'm already getting a little bit of cabin fever! so i love the MTC but i am feeling a little confined. but over all I'm doing good. the district is still all getting along great and its been nice. We don't get enough time to email here... 30 minutes doesn't cut it. my email to my maa today got cut off cause my 30 minutes was up. it made me so mad cause i was getting ready to send it! but one of the Elders told me that it saves it and i can go to the main building here and they will let me have a few more minutes to finish. its hard cause i can't respond to everyone's email and i feel bad! so just know that you will probably not be getting an email from me while i am at the MTC. Everyone LOVED my Christmas jammies by the way! and i'm actually not the fart king!!! ever since i stopped overeating i haven't been farting so much, but some of those other Elders do and it is annoying! HAHAHA!!! I miss widdle bwookwynn sooo much, and bubbas too!!!! her little smile in the Christmas card is so cute!!!
I love you,
Elder Hathcock

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