Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Hello everyone !!! It was another busy week. I don't have a whole lot of time to write because I had to read through some upcoming travel arrangements that Elder Brandon and I are involved with. We have 2 visa waiters in our zone that we have to drive in to the Springs.

But anyways, J was confirmed on Sunday and he is doing great !! He was walking on air after he received the Gift of the Holy Ghost. It was beautiful to see. He loves to participate in Sunday school. Its great !

We had interviews yesterday and it was nice to talk with President again. It was also nice to see Elder Clark again, I missed that little rascal. It was great cause his mom and dad sent me some granola that they make and a letter. So sweet of them.

Coming closer to the end is rough but I keep on striving to rely on the Lord and think of others and I am strengthened. I love you all !!!!!
Elder Hathcock
aka "Solder of God" (Soldado de Dios)

OK for the package if you could include some "cheeze its" that would be great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :]  but whatever is fine, I am pumped !!! Love you

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