Friday, December 7, 2012


HELLO EVERYONE !!!!!!!!!!! It was a great week !!!! J passed the sacrament for the first time yesterday at church !!!!! It was such a blessing to see him fulfill one of his priesthood duties, he was so happy !

The "Christmas Devotional" was so good and one of the many people we invited came!!  Good ole Mr. P!  He really enjoyed it.   The music was so beautiful too!  

Coming to the close of a mission is so hard in so many ways.  But I have been so happy and at peace lately.  I will be a finisher!!!   My Savior has done WAY too much for me for me not to be!!!!!!!!  The gospel really does bring happiness.

Recently I have thought about when we, as God's children, go through tough times.  I recognize that even members of the church and others who are really good people, all go through tough times no matter what.  But I thought about how much harder those tough times would be without the gospel.  I feel so blessed to have the gospel in my life.  I've lived both ways (without the gospel and with the gospel) and let me just tell ya.....Life is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much happier and better with the gospel!!!!!!  

I testify that God lives, that his Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ lives.  I testify that Joseph Smith was called to be a prophet of God!!!  That he restored the same exact church that Jesus Christ established when He came to the earth and that this church holds the power to act in God's name. I testify and I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and is holy scripture along with the Bible.  I know that the Atonement is real.  I will never fully comprehend that amazing gift but I know my Savior has redeemed my soul and I will have the blessed opportunity to live with God again and be with my family forever!!!!  I know all of these things because God has made them known to me by the power of the Holy Ghost.  ANYONE can know of these truths if the sincerely want to know and pray and simply ask their Father in Heaven.

I LOVE YOU ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Hathcock
aka "Soldier of God"

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