Monday, January 9, 2012


GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING EVEYONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a beautiful day !!! About 40 degrees out right now and the sun is shining !!!

We decided to have Tommy's baptism this Sunday after stake conference. It will be great cause there is a "new member" fireside prior to stake conference and that will be great for him to go to. He was really sick yesterday and couldn't come to church. We went by and saw him and gave him a blessing. He is doing great though !!!!! He has such a strong testimony of the restored gospel. He is reading the Book of Mormon everyday and praying and he says he feels his faith getting stronger and stronger !!!

There was a baptism service this past Saturday and Tommy came. One of the Benz families little boys (Brock) was baptized as well as little Sierra Porter (our relative). It was really cool cause i got to meet some more of our relatives ! I met two of Virgils daughters (Jolee and Kathleen). It was great cause Kathleen turned to her husband and said, "This is FBI Bens son." HAHAHA !!!!!

It was cool too cause brother and sister Benz asked Elder Chaput and I if we would be the " witness' " and also stand in on the confirmation ! I love the Benz family, it is going to be hard to leave those kids of theirs someday. I love being a missionary !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope everyone is doing well, I love you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved the Christmas stuff Maa !!! I forgot to tell you how much I loved it all ! The cd is great !!! And yes, I got the electric shaver and it is really nice !!!!!!!!!!!! I am writing Stacy today about it. Tell Pop that I did get his letter and it was totally inspired because that day in our District Meeting we discussed ch. 8 of Preach My Gospel and it was awesome !!!! Love you Pop !!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Hathcock

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