Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Aloha !!!!!!!! I have served around a few Hawaiian elders in the past little bit and they are making me fall in love with Hawaii. Elder Molina is the one who made me the "BOOMSHOT" shirt and he is a convert. His story is awesome, ill have to tell it someday. He is a very gifted artist.

And now, Elder Kahawaii is in my zone and he and another Elder Tanner serve in the same ward as Elder Rios and I. So we see them a lot. Elder Kahawaii is an awesome guy. He is from Oahu, and it is amazing there !!! The pictures Ive seen and the things I've heard sound like my kind of place. He told me I would fit right in there. He makes us rice all the time, its delicious !!!!!

So yesterday was my first day in a new ward and it was great !!! Bishop Robison came up to me before church started and asked if I would bare my testimony during sacrament meeting. So it was a good way for me to introduce myself to the whole ward.

I am really excited to be here. It was a little crazy at first being in a city again but it feels like home and I am really enjoying it. Some more responsibilities and more work but I am really enjoying having the opportunity to serve so many other missionaries. There is a pretty big Spanish district in our zone and they go to our same building. Elder Rios is a great guy and very good missionary. We have had some really good laughs already and are going to get along great. He has been in this area for a while now so I am a little bummed of the fact that he might not be here much longer. He is from San Antonio Texas !!!

Bruce R. McConkie's (I don't think I spelled that right) son is our stake president and is in our ward. I met his wife yesterday and she was very nice and gave a good firm hand shake. :] We have an investigator right now who has been an investigator for years. She is friends with the McConkies. We are feeling that it will not be long before she is ready for baptism. We had a great lesson with her last night.

OK, so I have a little story. There is this burger joint in the area that is very well known. Its called "Crave" and they have some very interesting/delicious burgers. One unique thing about it is the have a burger challenge called "The Three Little Pig" challenge. It is three HUGE burgers with a patty,ham.pulled pork, bacon, cheese, and fried onion straws !!! No missionary has been able to do it. You get 45 minutes to accomplish it. So after district meeting this week ... I TOOK THE CHALLENGE !!!! If you dont finish it, it cost 25 bucks !!!! So I went in there with the mind set that failure is not an option and I am a machine !!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAA !!!!! IT ... WAS ... SOOOOOOOO HARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe how tough it got at the end and the waitress didn't think I could do it !!!! ... BUT I DID !!!!!!!!!!!! With 2:16 left on the clock !!! I got a t-shirt and my picture taken to put on their wall. Only like 15 people have done it. I did it for my fellow brethren. It has brought many of them joy ! I am now a legend. HAHAHAAHAHA !!!!!! But I felt absolutely misserable afterwards !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would never do it again !!!!

HA !!! Well, love you all. I love that Bubbas loves to wrestle, i just knew he would !!! :] I can feel your pain Maa. I have tendinitis in my left hand and it is painful !!! Anyways, LOVE you all !!!!!!!!

Hope that was long enough for you Maa ;]

Tell Stacy I love her !!! Thanks

Elder Hathcock

AkA "Soldier of God"

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