Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I asked Tyler to let us know what things he does as an AP-here is his response and it's the only letter that we got this week besides his comment about Lacey and Jake's new baby girl! 

Hi !
As AP, I have a lot of things to do. We take care of a lot of office stuff, but I'll name a few.
I record statistics and take care of mile reimbursements for vehicles. We are in contact with President Anderson on a daily basis to take care of anything he wants us to do. Every night we talk to the zone leaders to see how the missionary work is going and we proselyte when we have time.
Luckily we were able to go out and work the last three days. It has been great !!! We have three investigators preparing for baptism right now. It is amazing to see how the Lord prepares people. I got a letter from Nancy the other day ! It was awesome cause she shared about what a great experience she had at the temple.
There are still a lot of things I still need to learn in the office but Elder Schmidt is helping me out a lot.  Did I tell you that Elder Schmidt is from Mesa, AZ? He grew up right by where we used to lived!  He knew the Goffs. We were talking the other day about how much we miss "Bahama Bucks" shaved ice!
Oh, another thing we do as AP's that is cool is we go with President and Sister Anderson to pick up new missionaries at the airport. We do some training with them for a few days. It is a great experience to see these new missionaries eager to do the Lord's work. It was weird going to the airport and re-living my first day in the mission. We also take departing missionaries to the airport, but I have not done that yet.
I am loving my mission and am so happy. This is the greatest work I  have ever done!
I love you all !!!

Elder Hathcock
Aka  "Soldier of God"

About the picture I emailed of little Khloe:  "she's so cute!!!!!!!!"

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