Wednesday, September 5, 2012


HELLO EVERYONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is another glooooorious sabbath morning !!! And I am grateful to be alive !!!!!! It has been a great week of miracles, Elder Clark and I are pumped for the month of September because we have a lot of time to proselyte. It is the most time I have been able to since I have been in this calling ! So we are excited to do work and help the Zone Leaders in the mission by going on exchanges with them. It is going to be epic !!!!!! This week we experienced a miracle with Z's husband B. It was one of the most amazing lessons I have ever been apart of. When we met with them, B was in a very bad mood and felt overwhelmed with everything that was going on at work and he wasn't willing to pray or anything. So we were praying hard that we would be able to help him. It was amazing the way the Spirit took over and guided Elder Clark and I to address his concerns and help him see how God is there to help him. By the end of the lesson we invited B to pray right then and there, to ask God if he should be baptized. He did and after he closed his prayer we sat in silence. The Spirit of God filled the room and B was looking at his two little boys and he began to smile. He told us that he only was having good thoughts and that he felt that God was telling him "Try me and see if this is not right." B is now preparing for baptism so that he and his family can prepare to go to the temple some day and be sealed for time and all eternity. He will be baptized next Saturday the 8th !!! I testify that this Gospel does bring happiness and makes marriages better. I have witnessed it with two married couples with in the past couple months. It is such a testimony builder for me personally !!! It all starts by being baptized into Jesus Christ church. Today Z and C will receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost. I will have the honor of confirming C and Brother D will be confirming Z. I am so grateful for the blessing to be able to see how we as God's children get answers to our prayers and are blessed, when we truly desire to do His will. I love you all and know this is the greatest work I will ever do in my life !!!!!!!! Hope you all have a great week !!!!
Elder Hathcock
AkA "Soldier of God"

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