Monday, December 5, 2011


Cant wait for my birthday surprise!!!!!

It was a pretty good week, we are still trying to find those who are prepared. We are excited because we have an appointment tonight with a woman who is deaf. We have a sister in the ward coming to translate.

The Rye wards Bishopric was released yesterday and a new one called. I am gonna miss serving with Bishop Golly but am looking forward to working with Bishop Crawford.

This Friday is the wards "Christmas in the Valley" where the ward invites people from the whole community to come and watch /participate in a musical performance show. Guess what? I'm in the church choir !!! HAHAHA Its pretty fun but I have no idea what I'm doing but its Christmas songs so I am all about it !!!

Its sad because the Denver Temple presidents wife was killed in a car accident recently and as a result we are not going to be able to hear from Elder Richard G. Scott. Its OK though. I feel so sorry for the Temple president.

I cant believe widdle Racho is gonna be 17 !!!!!!!!!!!!! She is growing up so fast !!! Love you Racho !!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! We have been getting some snow the past few days. Love you all !!!!!!!!!

Elder Hathcock

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