Monday, November 28, 2011


HAPPY HOLIDAYS !!!!!!!!!!!! I had a great Thanksgiving but I did miss the fam!

We got to watch a movie that day so we watched "The Christmas Carol" (the one with Jim Carrey). I ate way too much and was miserable the rest of the night. HAHAHHA ! But it was worth it!

Elder Chaput and I got football cleats at Ross when we were down for a meeting in Pueblo earlier that week. It was fun getting some cleats again. They were only 20 bucks (originally 85).

So Thanksgiving morning we were set and ready to play some football. WOO WEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was awesome ! My left knee was kind of bothering me from wrestling with some other missionaries a few days earlier but Elder Chaput taped it up for me and I was good.

It was a good turn out and we had two games going on. I played quarterback just about the entire time, and I must say ... I had some sweet passes (and on the run too ! There should have been some NFL scouts there) HAHAHHAAA !!! Ricky came too and had a great time. He is moving back to the Springs but he is excited about being in a "singles branch."

We are having trouble "finding" in our district and we needed some motivation. So what better to do then to have Elder Matt Foley 'Motivational Speaker" come and talk to our district ! HAHAHA !!! I told our district that we have someone special here to talk to us today about baptism and that he is used to a bigger crowd, so make him feel welcome. I proceeded to go out of the room and I lowered my glasses and put on this tiny suit jacket and came back in as "Elder Matt Foley." He has been on his mission for 14 years, so he has experience. HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAA !!! It was great !

I got my contacts Maa !!! Thank you so much ! And I got the big ol' package from the Larsens and Tolleys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A present for each day from Thanksgiving until Christmas !!! And each one has a scripture on it and after reading it we try to guess what it is !!!! I LOVE IT !!!! Happy to hear everyone had a great Thanksgiving !!!! Thank you for your prayers and support!

I love you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh I almost forgot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We get to go hear Elder Richard G. Scott talk to us on the 10th of December !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO WEE !!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOMSHOT !!!!!!!!

Elder Hathcock

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