Monday, November 14, 2011


HAHAHA !!! I can just hear the Bubbas saying all those things! I am glad to hear little Bkua is all better.

We have been invited to a families house for Thanksgiving. The Newitt family. They are a great family with like 9 kids (all girls and 1 boy). Brother Newitt is a really funny guy so we are happy to be there that day.

It's been a tough week but we keep on trucking! Elder Chaput and I are committed to start working out consistently so that we feel better and are healthy. Don't have a lot to say this week, I love and miss you all !!!!

I need contacts ASAP ! And that electric razor doesn't work very well but it might need new blades... not sure.

Thank you for everything Maa, love you so much. By the way I got the letters from the Mia maids and they were so cute. Little Jordie really touched my heart, she really loves you a lot Maa. Tell her how grateful I was for her letter and that I love her.

Elder Hathcock

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