Monday, April 11, 2011


We had a really great week ! We started teaching a less active members (Sudden) friends. We taught his girl friend and two of his friends, they are all 18 to 19 years old. Really great kids with good hearts. None of them made it to church yesterday though. :[ Its ok though, they'll make it next week. Amanda was baptized yesterday !!! It was a gloooorious service ! She had to get dunked 5 times because the baptismal suit kept floating up ! Poor thing, but she was a good champ about it. Its been so cool to see the change that has come about her. She is just always smiling. Elder Andersen and I both woke up sick yesterday with sore throats and all that good stuff. I'm feeling worse today, I'm glad its P-day. We think we got sick from helping this lady move a bunch of stuff out of her basement that had RAT POOP everywhere !!!!!! She is a "hoarder". I was trying so hard to show love... it was tough. I'm freaking out now, because someone said you can get a disease from in-hailing rat poop !!! Anyways, this newly married couple (Charlie and Stephanie Overbay) that have been here in the branch visiting his parents for the past few months, made me my "greanie meal" yesterday(I took pictures). They have been on break from school. They go to BYU, Idaho. Everything they made was green. It was funny, they are a nice couple and it was sad to say good-bye because it was there last Sunday here. Everything is going good for the most part other than being sick. I love being a soldier of God ! I love and miss you all everyday !!!!!!!!! This is the church of Jesus Christ, and it blows my mind everyday how much joy it has brought into my life ! Love, Elder Hathcock

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