Tuesday, April 5, 2011


That is so cool that aunt Jill passed through Colby !!! I miss Bubbas and Bkua sooooo much !!!!! I love that Aidan hugged Zoey ! Conference was AMAZING !!!!!! The first time I have ever watched all sessions and actually payed attention too ! HAHAA I can't believe how much I have missed out on !!! We watched them at the church building on a big screen, it was cool. The sessions on Saturday were just Elder Andersen and I all alone, but it was nice. Then on Sunday we had three investigators at the 1st session !!!! It was great and afterwards the branch had a pot luck ! Soooo good ! It was so cool to hear one of our investigators (Amanda) say that when the Prophet spoke, she got chills and knew that he was the prophet of God ! Loved hearing that !!!!! She will be getting baptized this coming Sunday !!!! WOO HOO !!!!!! I just found out that I am staying in Colby with Elder Andersen !!!! So pumped cause we have work to do and miracles are happening here in Colby ! Tell Racho I love and miss her soooo much !!!!!! That will be a great experience with the youth and is really cool that aunt Monica, Cory and Erica will be there with you. Really cool you met Tristen's parents, that was really nice what they said. Well I gotta get going, I love you all so much !!!! Conference really helped me realize how important it is that we serve others and DO NOT miss opportunities to share the gospel with others ! Love, Elder Hathcock Check out CONFERENCE Here!!!

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  1. WE love Tyler, he's so sweet. And you saw my parents?! Rachel is coming with kids next week, starting to get in the mood for a little Stacy visit in the future as well!