Monday, July 18, 2011


here is a letter in response to tammie's email:

Thanks Maa, it has been a pretty tough road but the life lessons I am learning are priceless. Especially the things I am recognizing about myself and the growth that is coming from it. It is amazing how the mission is structured. It is totally of God, seeing the way the gospel is such a blessing in life and how you truly do find out who you really are when you are serving the Lord. Thank you for your prayers, I truly do feel the power from them cause there are some days I have no doubt that the only way I made it through was from prayers and the Lord carrying me on.

Tell Rachel I miss her so much and that I think about her all the time and what a great example she has been to me in being a faithful daughter of God.

LOVE YOU RACHO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

here is his letter for the week:

It was a great week of finding those prepared for the gospel. We are currently teaching two families but neither made it to church. :[ Its alright though cause I know the Lord will help them. I got a letter from some of the girls at "girls camp" from the Murrieta stake. It was really sweet and wanted to thank them: Thank you Marlene(very funny letter), Callie, Julia, Lili Solis, Mackenzie Arnold, and Janessa C. Very sweet of you girls to write ! I am glad that Wes is ok !!! Had me worried for a minute. I told you to stop rubbing your eyes after you go # 2 !!! HAHAHA j/k, love you brother !!!!!! The Rye ward is amazing at fellowshipping and coming to lessons ! I am going to send some pictures of the building next week cause I forgot to bring the connection. It is the most beautiful surrounding of a building I have ever seen ! They had the youth "Trek" this past week and yesterday they shared their experiences and testimonies and it was a very sepcial meeting filled with the spirit. Oh ya, we had milk straight from the cow given to us and it ... is ... AMAZAZAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So good ! But at first the after taste tasted like hay. So that was interesting and made sense. But I have had the best tasting bowls of cereal ever this past week ! It has been very warm for this area and we are praying for rain. The picture of the guy with no teeth is David, he never would listen long enough when we tried to teach him but we had a good friendship. He is a character !!! JoJo would have loved this guy. I love you all and am always grateful for your prayers and love.

Love you all,
Elder Hathcock

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