Thursday, September 29, 2011


It was a ... (the public library here is at the middle school and one of the younger boys in the ward just peeked in and saw me as he was going to the bathroom and we had a quick "light saber fight" and he went on his way) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA !!!!! The kid loves Star Wars ! So anyway, we had an amazing end to our week !!!! We were having a lot of opposition but through it all we had a miracle. We were trying to see an LA that we have been trying to get in contact with but she wasn't there/it wasn't her place. So then we felt impressed to knock on these apartments even though I had many times before. And we found Johnaley and her mom. Her mom just moved there and hasn't been to church for years and Johnaley who is 23 was the only one in the family who was never baptized !!! She is so sweet and we have had a few amazing lessons where the spirit was so strong. She is now preparing to be baptized !!!!!! She has two really cute little ones (a boy 4yrs and girl 2yrs). I am always reminded of how this is the Lord's work and that Heavenly Father's children who are here on earth are seeking the gospel and are being prepared. I pray that you all prepare for conference and heed the words that we hear from the prophet and the apostles. Their counsel is the most important thing to apply in our lives at this time. Elder well... now its Kevin Ansersen (my trainer) :] He sent me a very inspired and awesome letter right before he went home and I am so grateful for his service and the good man he is. Keep a look out for him cause i know he will probably try to contact the fam. But we'll see cause he will be busy with school. I love that man !!!


Elder Hathcock

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