Monday, January 24, 2011


Hey Maa !!! The baptism was amazing yesterday, I baptized Goldie and afterwards I had to take a moment and thank my savior so much for allowing me to perform this ordinance and help someone be baptized through the authority of God. It was such a spiritually filled day yesterday, I love Sundays so much ! It is such an honor to be a missionary. My apartment is nice !!! It was filthy from the last missionaries which ticked me off but we cleaned it really good last P-day. I scrubbed the crap out of the bathroom !!! Made me sick !!!! HAHAA I still haven't bought a helmet but will soon. I get so many compliments on my bike still, I told my comp. that its the 1st time in my life that I have been the kid withe cool bike and then I told him the story of when I got the golden hawk bike for my 10th birthday HAHAHAHAA !!! I'm so glad to hear that Stacy came over the other day, I was jealous cause I miss my Ladys Alfredo patsa !!! :] Thats pretty crazy that the new house is like our old one. We also taught this old guy (Eldon) the other day and he had never heard of the 1st vision or much about the church and he was very interested. Poor guy suffered a stroke before and has a hard time getting out what he wants to say. But he came to church with us on Sunday and everyone made him feel very welcomed and then during the 2nd hour we left the room for a moment to check on the font and we came back and he was gone !!! HAHAHHAA we called him and asked him how he liked church and he said he loved it. Then we said, "you took off out of nowhere there Eldon, did you need to get some lunch or something?" He said yes, he needed to get some lunch HAHAHA but he still wants to meet with us so that is cool. We also taught a Mexican couple who aren't married and she has a 11 year old daughter. And they totally recognized the spirit and she (Rosie) said that it was amazing the way she felt ! It was so awesome to experience that. They said they would come to church but ended up not coming :[ but they still want to meet with us ! Being a missionary is all about ups and downs but I try to stay focused on the ups ! I miss you all so much but I know this is what Lord wants me doing. We had interviews with President and sister Pfile yesterday and they were great. Its so awesome how in tuned with the spirit sister Pfile is, she is such a great woman and so kind and loving. Its amazing how you asked me if I could feel every ones prayers Maa cause the other night during my personal prayers I thanked God for all of your prayers and support and all the sudden I felt so much love and could really feel all of your prayers and the spirit hit me hard, I am so thankful for those prayers. I feel each and every one of them and they help me cause I need them ! :] This is the church of Jesus Christ and the permission to act in Gods name (the authority) is back on the earth, just as prophets of old were called to prepare the people of the day of Jesus' birth and reign on the earth to establish his church... there has been prophets called to prepare Gods children for the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ, these are the latter days. I love my savior and will do my best to represent him and my family while I serve now and for the rest of my life here on earth. I have already seen miracles and look forward to many more. I love you all !!!!!!!

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