Monday, January 17, 2011


Hey Toots !!! It has been a busy time since we talked. My mission president and his wife are so awesome, I feel so lucky and blessed to have them. The 1st night when we got there we stayed at the mission home which was really nice. My trainer is a really cool guy, he is from Bakersfield CA !!! Cool huh? He has been giving me some really great advice and is helping me through my feelings of doubt. Satan is constantly working on me Toots. It has been a hard 1st week. Of course I got sent to the furthest part of the mission ! I'm in Colby Kansas !!! After the transfer meeting and getting assigned to my trainer, we had to drive 7 hours to our area. It is a very humbling place, population like... 5,000. Tiny houses and a lot of straight Kansas Hillbillies but there are also a lot of normal people. The people are very nice. But like I said Satan has been working on me and I have been feeling inadequate and have been having trouble with rejection. I have to keep a constant prayer in my heart asking God to give me strength and faith and keep pressing forward. Elder Andersen and I gave each other a blessing last night and it was awesome and much needed. Prayer is so powerful Stace, I have already seen strength in myself when I rely on prayer and relying on God. We were "flushed" into this area which means we are both new to the area and it is tough at 1st to figure out everything that's going on. I felt really sorry for Elder Andersen because he was stressing out the night before we met because he was being "flushed", training for the 1st time, and being called as district leader ... ya, poor guy. HAHA But he has been doing a great job. He said he was so pumped when he found out he was training me. He always tells me how ahead of the game I am because I am comfortable talking to people and have such a strong testimony. He has really been showing me the importance of teaching very simply, and to not make it so complicated and it has helped a ton. He gets a kick out of me in everything I do, he's always laughing and then says "sorry, I need to work on not laughing all the time, I can't help it cause everything you do makes me laugh!" hahaha he's a funny guy. But we get along great. Mondays are our P Day's. We have been continuing to teach a woman named Goldie who has a 4 yr old boy and 3 yr old daughter. The boy is a big kid and reminds me of me ! HA He always wants to beat me up when we come over hahaha its hilarious. She has a baptismal date set for this Sunday so we are really pumped ! Hopefully everything goes well. We also continued to teach a 23 yr old couple Paul and Serenity who have a daughter and a 5 month old boy. Its the 1st time that I have had to experience knowing that they felt the spirit when I bore my testimony (Serenity was in tears) and they still would not commit to be baptized and receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost. They loved the Plan of Salvation and wanted it to be true. So now its up to them to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if its true because we told them that if it is true, then everything else we taught you is true and there is a living prophet on the earth again just as there has been in ancient times. So they said they would read and pray. But its tough being a missionary but it is also the most rewarding !!! I love it ! Times get tough and I know they will only get tougher but I know this is Christ church and I will continue to do his work. I love you with all my heart Toots .
P.s. could you you somehow let Austin Kennedy know that I got his letter and really appreciated it and am so happy for his new family that has begun :]
P.P.s tell Tyler Hansen that I love him and appreciate his words of encouragement

If anyone wants to send packages they have to send it ( 1st class mail) and to send it to the mission home address( Colorado Springs Mission 4090 Center Park Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80916) then they we send it to where I am at, this is the best way for packages because if someone sends a package and I have been transferred ... I don't get it and never will.

But for just letters right now my address 446 South Court Ave.
Colby, KS 67701

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