Tuesday, May 3, 2011


HI YA'LL !!!!! HAHAA We had a great finding week ! A lot of great potential investigators. I thought it was really cool that you felt impressed to share Bishop Burk's letter because I bore my testimony yesterday about (John 14:15) and how that scripture really hit me hard. How obeying Gods commandments is our way of showing Him that we love him, and I want to show my Father in heaven how much I truly do love and appreciate him. I had a great sabbath day yesterday, we had an excellent lesson in priesthood about "gratitude" and read from President Monson's talk, "The Attitude of Gratitude." It was so humbling because as a missionary I have found myself constantly giving thanks to God in my prayers more than I ever have before. It is so important that we make sure we remember to thank God everyday for the things we are blessed with and not just focus on what we need or desire. There are so many everyday, little things that we are so lucky and blessed to have that others don't that we take for granted. Be thankful to the Lord. OK, so about calling on Mother's Day ... I'm not going to be calling you, sorry .... ...

HAHAHHAHAAAA just kidding ! I can't wait ! Sister Rose is giving us a calling card and we are going to be calling from the church. I am going to be calling at 4:00 pm my time, so 2:00 your time. We couldn't get access to skype :[ but maybe on Christmas I will be able to. I get 40 minutes to talk. Glad as always to hear everyone is doing great !!! Hope Ben gets the job ! I love and miss you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.s. Heather sent me an EASTER PACKAGE !!!!!! It was so awesome !!!!!!!!!! Love you Heath !!!!
P.s.s the pictures you sent were tiny, I could barely see them HA

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