Monday, May 23, 2011


YELLOOOOOOO !!!!!!! My new comp is awesome !!!!!!! He is from Wisconsin (near the Milwaukee area). He is also our new district leader. He has been out 18 months, and he was in his last area for 10 months !!!!! A town called "Rye" in Colorado, a town of only 600 people but he loved it there ! He is excited to be here in Colby, it is about the size of the town he is from in Wisconsin. I have been stressing a lot though cause it feels like I'm training in a way because I have to help him get acquainted to the area and the mission out here in KS is different from ways in Colorado. He is very humble, very easy going, very positive, very happy, and it helps out things a lot ! I love this guy ! Brent was not able to be baptized yesterday because of a situation in the branch but he didn't let it get him down. This kid is so smart and is so humble and is so excited to be baptized !!! I love him !!!! His dad is totally supportive which is awesome !!!!!! His brother and his girlfriend are thinking about getting married so that is sweet ! We will see how things continue with them. Kathy is really awesome and we have had some really great lessons with her , I know she will get baptized someday if its not next week. Oh ya !!! My comps name is Elder Darley ! I call him Harley Darley !!! He is awesome and made me feel real good cause he said, "Its weird being with someone who is good at teaching, I'm not use to it." He told me how well I was trained and said that he thinks I'll be training very soon... and that thought stressed me out !!!!! Its funny how stressed I've been getting lately, I'm not use to that feeling. But I love it cause it helps me know how important this work is to me. I was praying early on in my mission to the Lord to help me love the work and now I am seeing how truly important it is to me and that I do love it ! I am forever grateful for this opportunity to serve the Lord at this time in my life.

JoJo looks good in that cap and gown !!!!! Bkua looks adorable ! I love the picture with their little family. We've had a couple of rainy and cold days in the last two weeks !!! Its crazy, but it looks like it should be staying warm from here on out. Oh ya, it was crazy ! So when I went to transfers, there was this Elder Smith who was there who is in KS too. It turns out he is from Fredericksburg VA, and he knows the Browns and others from there. I kind of knew his older brother ! Its a small world.

Anyways, love you all and am grateful for Y'ALL in my life !!! I am catching myself say "ya'll" a lot lately ... ... crap HA

Love, Elder Hathcock

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